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Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) is an executive training program organized by the Health Management and Policy Department and the Center for Public Health Practice at the Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB. HLA offers a set of modules addressing important and timely topics under the broad theme of leadership in healthcare. HLA brings hands-on experience of leading experts in the field using a multi-disciplinary hands one approach. It ultimately aims to improve healthcare in the MENA region through developing capacities of healthcare professionals and practitioners as well as creating an environment favorable for knowledge transfer among professionals and experts.

HLA Modules are offered in English. Participants could register in as many modules as they like and will obtain a Certificate of Completion for every fully completed module. 

Target Audience

HLA modules target the middle and upper level managers, leaders and clinicians working in all types of health and social care organizations, as well as individuals working in the humanitarian and developmental fields in Lebanon and the Region.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the session, HLA participants are expected to have strengthened their knowledge and skills in healthcare leadership. Participants would be able to expand their professional expertise, broaden their career options, network with other professionals and explore new areas of interest. HLA participants will also benefit from a favorable application review to the Executive Masters in Health Care Leadership (EMHCL) program housed at the Health Management and Policy Department, Faculty of Health Scie​nces. ​​​​


Registration Details:

  • Registration fee for all modules except Value Based Healthcare: 400$

  • Registration fee for Value Based Healthcare module: 200$

  • A 10% discount will be offered for individual participants who register in 2 m​odules or more

  • If an institution sends a group of 4 participants, the 4th participant will be for free. ​

Contact Us

Nour Rahhal | Project Coordinator​​ ​


Tel: ​+961-1-350000​​​ ext: 4635​

 HLA Modules 2019 | June 17 - 25

 HLA Faculty

Chris​to El Morr​​

Associate Professor ​of Health Informatics

York University​, ​Canada​

Jumana Antoun

Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Am​e​ri​​can Universit​y of ​​Beirut,​ Lebanon​​


​B​assam ​Tabshouri

Director of the Medical Engineering Department

American University o​​f Beirut Medical Cente​r, Lebanon


Christiane Maskineh

Chairperson and Cofounder

Centre of Clinical, Health Economics, and Outcome Research​ (CCHO)​​


Siz​ar Akoum

Project Coordinator and Biomedical Engineer

Min​istry of Public Health, Lebanon


Joe Max Wakim

Director of IT Medical Center Processes and Systems

American Univers​ity of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon​​​​​​​

Vito Tanzi

Assista​​nt Professor of Health Policy and Management

American University of Beirut, Lebanon​

 HLA Advisory Committee members

  • Mohamad Alameddine   |    PhD, Associate Professor at HMPD and Chairman of HLA 2019

  • Zouheir El Imad  |    MD, Director-Ain Wazein Hospital

  • Fadi El Jardali     |   PhD, Professor of Health Policy and Systems and the Chairman of the Health Policy and Management Department (HMPD)

  • Salah Fakhouri   |   MPH, CEO & President at Different Approach, LLC (representing the AUB-FHS-Alumni)

  • ​Aline Germani    |   MPH, Director- Center for Public Health Practice

  • Eveline Hitti        |  MD, MBA , Acting CMO, Chairperson and Associate Professor of Clinical Specialty AUBMC

  • Joumana Kalot  |   MPH, Instruct​or of Public Health Practice​

  • Rita Rahbany      |  MPH, Director-Syndicate of Hospitals

  • Nour Rahhal       |   MPH, Project Coordinator​​​​

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