​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page aims to describe the roles of the Registration Adviser and the Academic Adviser. It is understood that there will be some overlap in these roles as the advising process can be viewed as a triad where the communication lines are open between the three parties; the student, at the center of attention, and the two advisers.

The Role of the Registration Adviser


​The Role of the Academic Adviser

  • Help students set educational goals 

  • Help students set career plans 

  • Advise students on academic matters such as electives, practical, and culminating experiences 

  • Guide students, in coordination with the Student Services Office (SSO), to available university educational resources, student employment, financial aid, and scholarships 

  • Follow up on students' academic performance and other issues in coordination with the registration advisor

  • Update registration adviser on student-related issues as they arise 

  • Reinforce student's self-reliance and decision making skills 

  • Offer help and encouragement to the student 

  • Be protective of student's privacy of information 

  •  Be available for consultation