Epidemiology and Population Health Department

​​​​​​​Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health or disease in populations to respond to and control health problems. 

The Epidemiology and Population Health Department provides training in quantitative methods, which can be used to understand population health needs and the patterns and etiology of disease, as well as to evaluate health interventions in the community. It also offers courses in methods of epidemiological surveillance and in methods of research design, data collection, analysis, as well as courses in population theory and methods of analysis that examine the link between health and population concerns.

Our Degrees and Programs

  • PhD in Epidemiology​​​​

Our Team

Chaaya, Monique (​Chairperso​​n)

Sibai, Abla

DeJong, Jocelyn

Adib, Salim

Jaffa, Miran​​​

Ghandour, Lilian

Ghattas, Hala

​Al-Dewachi, Omar

Moham​ed Fouad, Mohamed Fouad

​El Khalil, Asmar​​

Mumtaz, Ghina​

Contact us

​Ms. Asma Shehab

Department Administrative Assistant

Tel: 961 1 340460 350000 374444 374374

Ext. 4640

Email: as35@aub.edu.lb