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Below are the forms Professors and Instructors may use throughout the semesters.

Procedure for Reporting Incomplete Grades

  • The student misses the final exam, assignment or project and / or

  • The student contacts the professor to ask for postponement of the final exam, assignment or project.

  • If the professor is convinced that the student has a valid reason to submit an incomplete, then

  • The instructor fills in Form 1 stating the reasons for the incomplete and attaching relevant documents, signs the form and forwards it to the Student Services Office (SSO) as soon as possible.

  • On the aub-sis, the grade is reported as “I” followed by a numerical grade corresponding to the grade of the student in the course (e.g. I50, I60, I75). If the work is not completed, the “I” is dropped and the numerical grade becomes the final grade.

  • The SSO will process the petition to the relevant committee (UGCA-SA or Graduate Studies)

  • If the petition is approved, then a copy is sent to the Registrar, Chairperson, student and instructor

  • Once approved, the incomplete has to be done  within 4 weeks of the beginning of the following regular semester

  • Form 2 is used to put the final grade of the course, where the approved form 1 should be attached.

Please note that approval of an incomplete grade depends on the validity of the student's excuse. Examples of compelling justification include sickness (report from the infirmary needed), death of a relative or close person (document needed), accident (proof needed), serious personal problems where the student seeks counseling, personal situation (a mother of a new born child).

  • Form 2 -  Authorized Change of Grade

Procedure for a Change of Grade

A form for a request for a change of grade (Form 3) can be filled by the instructor of the course in case an error was made while calculating the grade or entering the data on the aub-sis (proof must be provided).  The request is also discussed and decided upon by the respective committee (UGCA-SA or Graduate Studies).

  • Form 3 - Request for Change of Grade

Procedure for Reporting Academic Dishonesty

In case of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism among other types of misconduct), the professor can fill the below form. These cases are to be reported to the UGCA-SA committee. Please check the Student Code of Conduct for information on definitions of misconduct and disciplinary actions.

  • Cheating and Plagiarism Complaint Form

Thesis/Project Defense Form

The thesis/project defense form should be filled immediately after completion of the thesis/project committee deliberations. The form should be then submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

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