The Gamma Delta Chapter

The Delta Omega Association (DOA) is a national honor society existing to encourage research and scholarship among students undertaking graduate studies in public health and to recognize achievement in the field of public health. It was founded by two graduate students, Dr. Edgar Erskine Hume and Dr. Claude W. Mitchell, in 1924 at Johns Hopkins University within the School of Hygiene and Public Health. The association aims to promote the graduate study of the public health field and to recognize outstanding achievement in the field.

Since its inception, Delta Omega has expanded to include over 100 chapters around the world, and has over 20,000 members working in all sectors of public health.

The society is governed by a constitution and a set of bylaws.

Every year, the Gamma Delta Chapter of the Delta Omega Society conducts a number of activities that contribute to public health scholarship and research in Lebanon and the region. These activities are conducted in collaboration with ​different clubs, associations, and organizations. These activities aim to increase awareness about public health in Lebanon and the region, to promote research in public health, and to encourage service to local communities. Ultimately, the chapter aims to promote public health spirit, and to mobilize our communities on matters in the field.​

Criteria for Induction

​​Chapters can induct students, faculty members, alumni, and honorary members. Only students graduating from the graduate school of Public Health (Master of Public Health, and Master of Science) can be inducted into the Gamma Delta Chapter. Read More

Members of the Chapter

Members of the chapter include:

  • Executive Board Members​
  • Subcommittees​
  • Chapter members

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