Division of Health Professions

​​​​​​​​​Health professionals play an essential and critical role in improving access and quality health care for the population. They provide services that promote health, prevent diseases and deliver health care services to people.

The three programs offered within this division are: Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS), Medical Imaging Sciences (MIS), and Medical Audiology Sciences (MAS). 

Our Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Audiology Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Sciences

Our Team

Executive Committee


Melhem, Nada

​Coordinator of the Medical Lab Sciences Program:  

Melhem, Nada

​Coordinator of the Medical Audiology Sciences Program:

Abouchacra, Kim

​Coordinator of the Medical Imaging Sciences Program:

​Saadeh, Charbel

Medical Laboratory Sciences Program

Melhem, Nada​ (Coordinator)

Melhem, Nada

Yazbek, Soha

​Khatib, Rolla

Medical Audiology Sciences Program

Abouchacra, Kim (Coordinator)

​Garadat, Soha

Westbrook, Jaimie​

​Sinno, Solara​

Medical Imaging Sciences

Saade, Charbel​ (Coordinator)

Al-Kutoubi, A​ghiad ​

Khoury, Nabil

Salbashian, Marlen

Contact us

Ms. Maha Abul Naja​

Program Secretary

Medical Laboratory Sciences Program

Tel: +961-1-350000

Ext. 4650/1

Fax: +961-1-744470

E-mail: ma35@aub.edu.lb