American Univesity of Beirut

Our Staff

  • Abou Khouzam, Maya (DO)

Events & Project Support Officer

Location: Van Dyck/342

Extension: 4619

  • ​​​​​​Abdul Karim, Ali (ENHL)


Location: Van Dyck/412

Extension: 4623


  • Abul-Naja, Maha (MLSP)

Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/217

Extension: 4650/1 ​


  • Ajib, Rola (ENHL)

Lab Supervisor

Location: Van Dyck/404

Extension: 4626


  • Alameh, Ghada (SSO)

Assistant for Student Services (Graduate)

Location: Van Dyck/232

Extension: 4609


  • Al Tamimi, Mustafa (SSO)

RA / Developer

 Location: Van Dyck/232B

Extension: 4636 ​​

  • Badereddine​​, Diala 

Monitoring & Evaluation Accreditation Coordinator ​​

Location: Van Dyck/232F

Extension: 4616

  • Cordahi, Gina (DO)

Coordinator of Special Projects

Location: Van Dyck/235

Extension: 4639


  • Dalli, Roua (​DO)

Accreditation Officer

Location: Van Dyck/232G

Extension: 4629

  • El Helou, Nida (DO/ENHL)

Instructor/ Practicum Coordinator and Career Counsellor

Location: Van Dyck/119

Extension: 4627


  • El Kadi, Lama (DO/SSO)

Instructor / Graduate Public Health Program Administrative Coordinator

Location: Van Dyck/232E

​Extension: 4609/4687​​

  • El-Kassis, Amal (DO/SSO)

Student Services Officer

Location: Van Dyck/232C

Extension: 4607/8


  • El Khechen, Suzanne (DO)

Instructor/Assistant to Dean

Location: Van Dyck/234D

Extension: 4602​

  • ​El Khoury, Rouba

Research Assistant 

Location: Van Dyck Hall 342

Extension: 4619​


  • Haddad, Joyce (DO)

Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/234

Extension: 4600


  • Hamadeh, Mohammad (DO)


Location: Van Dyck/243

Extension: 4610


  • Hijazi, Carol (DO)

Financial Officer

Location: Van Dyck/ 240

Extension: 4615


  • Ismail, Mariam (DO)


Location: Van Dyck/236

Extension: 4606


  • Ismail, Ruba (CRPH/DO)

Instructor/ Assistant for Academic Affairs

Location: Van Dyck/237

Extension: 4666


  • Katul, Mona (DO)

Executive Officer

Location: Van Dyck/238

Extension: 4600/1


  • Mansour, Hiba (ENHL)

Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/420

Extension: 4620/1


  • Merhi, Jad (DO)

Communication Officer

Location: Van Dyck/233

Extension: 4638

  •  Morcos, Leila  (CPHP)

Research Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/ 115

Extension: ​4622


  • Mourad​, Aya (SSO)

Location: Van Dyck/232B

Extension: 4569​​

  • Moussa, Hiba (SSO)

  • Location: Van Dyck/232​

    Extension: 4608

  • Saifeddine, Samar (HMPD)

Administrative Assistant​

Location: Van Dyck/136

Extension: 4680/1


  • Salbashian, Marlene

Tel. Extension: 5071


  • Shafi', Issam (AUB-MC)

Senior Technician

Location: Van Dyck Hall 327

Extension: 5207 / 4207


  • Shehab, Asma (EPHD)

Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/ 211

Extension: 4640/1


  • Shoucair, Fadia (HPCH)

Administrative Assistant

Location: Van Dyck/301

Extension: 4660/1

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