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Challenges to Accessing Comprehensive Reproductive Health Services in Jordan: A Mixed Methods Study using Interactive Theater
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    Reproductive health (RH) and rights are intimately connected with social norms and values. In a conservative society like Jordan, ideas about acceptable behavior for women, stigma associated with sexuality outside marriage, and the social importance of the family unit have direct consequences for RH. This project is a university-NGO partnership using mixed methods research and theatre as a medium to address the question: What are the key differentiators in accessing RH services and exercising RH rights for women and young people in Jordan?

    This project reviewed relevant policies and legislation in Jordan and analyzed existing quantitative, population-based survey data to understand key RH differences at a population level. It also included a qualitative component with groups typically excluded in terms of RH (including young women and men, single, widowed and divorced women as well as Syrian refugees) to understand their attitudes towards RH and marriage trends, as well as with health-care providers, all sampled purposively. Finally, the project utilized community theatrical performances as a medium to stimulate public debate about the research findings and to stimulate further qualitative research with audience members. By employing a media and dissemination strategy throughout the research process, findings were conveyed iteratively to key stakeholders and the general public. ​

    Research Timeline: 2017-2020




    • Jocelyn DeJong (PI)
    • Chaza Akik (co-PI), Research Associate, CRPH​​​

    Research Team

    • ​Zeinab El Dirani, Research Assistant, CRPH​​​


    • ​The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)​​​

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