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Epidemiology and Population Health Department (EPHD)


Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health or disease in populations to respond to and control health problems. 
The Epidemiology and Population Health Department provides training in quantitative methods, which can be used to understand population health needs and the patterns and etiology of disease, as well as to evaluate health interventions in the community. It also offers courses in methods of epidemiological surveillance and in methods of research design, data collection, analysis, as well as courses in population theory and methods of analysis that examine the link between health and population concerns.

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Our Degrees and Programs

  • ​Master of Public Health (MPH)

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program aim to prepare professionals who are able to investigate critical public health issues, and can develop and evaluate programs and policies aiming to promote and advocate for the health of populations in Lebanon and countries of the region.

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  • ​Master of Science in Epidemiology (MS EPI)

The Master of Science in Epidemiology program provides training in epidemiological principles, methods for understanding etiology and patterns of disease, and for the assessment, monitoring and investigation of health problems in a community or clinical setting.

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  • ​Master of Science in Population Health (MS POPH)

The Master of Science in Population Health program provides training in population and reproductive health sciences, focusing on the impact of population change on health.

This program is currently frozen


  • A school-based emotional resiliency program for middle school students in Lebanon: Evaluation of implementation and effectiveness in reducing the burden of depression and anxiety
  • Adolescents’ Life ​​Satisfaction and its Association with Parental Knowledge about their Daily Life
  • Assessing Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Attitudes and Behaviors: a Baseline Study​
  • Alcohol control and harm reduction policies in Lebanon: The industry, the market and the young consumer (Lebanon’s alcohol control policy: how it is and how it should be)​
  • COLDS: A cohort of older adults in Lebanon: A dementia study
  • Design and Development to Improve Uptake and Continuity of Antenatal Care Among Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon 
  • Do  antidepressants induce metabolic syndrome?
  • Does quality of life indicator explain gender disparities?
  • Effects of Conflict on Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH):  A Case Study on Syria” 
  • Effects of the Syrian Conflict on Maternal and Child Health with a focus on Countdown indicators 
  • Factors associated with farmers' willingness to engage in safer pesticide use in coastal farms in Lebanon
  • Food insecurity in the Arab world; youth, gender and wellbeing differentials
  • Gene-Environment Interactions in Genitourinary & Neural Tube Birth Defects Risk: A Lebanese Case-Control Study 
  • Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Children, A School-based Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Human Rights in the Arab World 
  • Identifying ways to promote health systems resilience in contexts of protracted displacement through systems analysis of UNRWA provision to Palestine refugees displaced by the Syria crisis
  • Mapping of Non-Communicable diseases research in 7 Arab countries
  • Mechanisms of vascular disease in Diabetes
  • Mental Health Disorders Among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.
  • Mitigating the drivers of early marriage in a context of forced migration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Salt Iodization in Lebanon
  • Network for research on death, dying and end of life care among Syrian refugees in Lebanon
  • Non-Communicable diseases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: An overview of Reviews
  • Prevalence and association of Musculoskeletal disorders and Burnout among Lebanese dentists.
  • Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Nurseries in Bekaa, North, and South Governorates: a cross sectional study
  • Prevalence of dementia in Lebanon A nationwide community based cohort study
  • Promoting youth reproductive and sexual health, and sexuality education in the Region
  • Protecting the Vulnerable in Times of Vulnerability: a situational analysis of policies and programmatic activities related infant and young child feeding during emergency situations in Lebanon.
  • Reporting on ethics among studies in Refugees 
  • Responding to Changing Health Needs in Complex Emergencies: A Policy Imperative
  • Retrospective Cohort Study to assess the efficacy of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy with a combination of other interventions at AUBMC Special Kids Clinic: A pilot study 
  • Scoping review on Tobacco in the seven Arab countries 
  • Social determinants of hypertension in Sudan 
  • The biosocial dynamics of acquisition of MDR pathogens among war injuries in the Middle East
  • The Prevalence and Correlates of Gastrointestinal Morbidities Among Syrian Refugees Residing in Camps in the Bekaa and Northern Lebanon: A Cross Sectional Study
  • The Prevalence of Early Marriage and its Key Determinants among Syrian Adolescent Refugee Girls in Bekaa, Lebanon
  • The regional Therapeutic Geographies of Iraqis seeking care in Lebanon 
  • The Status of Children and Women in Lebanon: Peer review and data analysis of a UNICEF Household survey
  • Tobacco control research and capacity building
  • Under five mortality in Sudan: Cross sectional study of the effect of geographical location and prolonged conflict from multiple indicators cluster survey
  • Validation of the Arabic Severe Respiratory Insufficiency (SRI) Questionnaire​

Our team ​

Chairperson: Sibai, Abla
Professors: Chaaya, Monique; DeJong, Jocelyn; Makhlouf Obermeyer, Carla; Sibai, Abla
Associate Professors: Ghandour, Lilian; Jaffa, Miran
Assistant Professor: Al-Dewachi, Omar
Assistant Research Professors: Mohamed Fouad, Mohamed Fouad; Ghattas, Hala
Senior Lecturer: Adib, Salim
Instructor: El Khalil, Asmar

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Ms. Asma Shehab

Department Administrative Assistant

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