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AUB Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
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Academic Departments
FHS educates and trains professionals to help meet the needs of Lebanon and the region for competent leaders in the main areas of public health. The commitment of FHS to an interdisciplinary program is reflected in the variety of specializations of its faculty, in the scope of its research projects, and in its emphasis on the application of social sciences to the investigation of health and disease.

To find out more about our departments and faculty select any of the following:

Environmental Health (ENHL)
Provides training in environmental health within a broad basic sciences background. The department emphasizes evaluation and control of major environmental health problems in developing countries in such fields as water supply, waste disposal, food hygiene, occupational health, air pollution, and others.

Epidemiology and Population Health (EPHD)
Trains students in quantitative methods, which can be used to understand population health needs and the patterns and etiology of disease as well as to evaluate health interventions in the community.

Health Promotion and Community Health (HPCH)
Enhances the ability of students to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions to promote health. The department offers courses that introduce students to the social context of health and to the multi-level factors influencing behavior change. It also provides instruction in the application of qualitative methods in community health research.

Health Management and Policy (HMPD)
Trains students to effectively manage a broad range of health care institutions. Courses within the department provide students with analytical and practical skills in decision-making, strategic planning, human resources management, health information systems, budgeting, and evaluation.

Medical Laboratory Sciences Program (MLSP)
Prepares students for the profession of medical laboratory technology by imparting theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the various disciplines of the specialty, such as microbiology, hematology, immunology, blood banking, and clinical chemistry. The program is run jointly with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine.

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