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Huda Zurayk, Professor

Department of Epidemiology and Population Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
American University of Beirut
Van Dyck Building
PO Box 11-0236
Beirut, Lebanon
Office: Room 335, Van Dyck
Tel: 961 1 340119; Fax: 961-1-744470

Academic Degrees
PhD. (1974) Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests
Population health and reproductive health, the social determinants of population change and their impact on health and ill health, with particular concern for reproductive morbidity conditions of women and women's perceptions of reproductive health broadly defined.

Research Projects
The Urban Health Study: Does reducing depression and/or anxiety symptoms of low income married women (residing in Hey El-Selloum) using a community-based psycho-social intervention decrease their complaints of medically unexplained vaginal discharge?

Courses Taught

Selected Publications
2007 Zurayk, H., Myntti, C., Salem, M., Kaddour, A., El-Kak, F., Jabbour, S. "Beyond Reproductive Health: Listening To Women About Their Health In Disadvantaged Beirut Neighborhoods", Health Care for Women International 28 (7): 614-637

2005 Kaddour, A., Hafez, R., Zurayk, H. "Women's Perception of Reproductive Health in Three Communities around Beirut, Lebanon", Reproductive Health Matters 13 (25): 34-42.

2004 El Kak, F., Jurdi, R., Kaddour, A., Zurayk, H. "Gender and Sexual Health in Clinical Practice in Lebanon", International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 87: 260-266.

2003 Zurayk, H. "Study Design for the Measurement of Gynaecological Morbidity", in S. Jejeebhoy, M. Koenig, and C. Elias eds., Reproductive Tract Infections and Other Gynaecological Disorders: A Multidisciplinary Research Approach. WHO: Cambridge University Press.

1999 Khattab, H., N. Younis and H. Zurayk. "Women, Reproduction and Health in Rural Egypt: The Giza Study", Cairo. The American University in Cairo Press.

1999 Zurayk, H. "Reproductive Health in Population Policy: a review and look ahead", in A. Mundigo, ed. Reproductive Health: Programme and Policy Changes Post-Cairo. Liege: International Union for the Scientific Study of Population.

Professional Affiliations
Regional Reproductive Working Group

Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

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