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Austin Dungan.jpg

Austin Dungan  ‘15

Cancer Epidemiologist and Program Evaluator

Utah State Department of Health, USA

“I chose to attend FHS/AUB because I was looking for a program that would help me develop the skills to improve public health in contexts of uncertainty. My experience in the MPH program was very rich and rewarding. Through the instruction I received, I was able to develop strong quantitative analysis skills with a solid multidisciplinary backbone in Public Health. Perhaps even more valuable to me, was the opportunity to work side by side with faculty members who challenged me to enhance my critical thinking, problem solving, research, and writing skills. Although I came to AUB as an outsider, when I left I felt as if I was leaving my family. I will forever be grateful for the skills I gained and connections I made at AUB.”

Andrea Darzi.jpg

​Andrea Darzi ‘15

Associate Director of the AUB Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) center, Lebanon

Through the FHS experience, I learned a valuable lesson on how professionals can act as a team; celebrate successes and mourn failures together rather than individually. I was privileged to contribute to projects that allowed for the interconnectivity of disciplines in both developing the knowledge base for and creating public health change."

Sarah Assaad.JPG

Sarah Assaad ‘15

Research Assistant

Faculty of Health Sciences, AUB, Lebanon

The MPH program set the foundational knowledge and skills needed to initiate my career as a researcher and gave me the opportunity to get involved in ongoing research activities led by my professors. What I value most is the chance the program offered me to widen my professional network through friendships I made with classmates of various nationalities and with professionals I worked with in the field of public health during my practicum.”

Asraf Hourani.jpg

Ashraf Hourani ’13

“After the master’s, I felt that my life split in two parts, before and after the Master. I acquired various skills and knowledge that are essential to have.  The MPH program shaped my personality, my way of thinking, and my way of seeing things.”

Rami Ofeich.jpg

Rami Ofeich ’13

“I was particularly marked by the supportive and intimate learning environment cultivated by the Faculty of Health Sciences which has provided equal success opportunities to everyone. The staff and faculty were very welcoming and displayed, through their open-door policy, genuine interest in the academic and personal wellbeing of all students. The MPH program offered me a broader and more comprehensive understanding of health and drew my attention to important issues that the clinical approaches of medicine and pharmacy tend to overlook. The MPH constituted a challenging yet enriching, rewarding, and fun experience in a stimulating academic environment. If you are interested in discovering how professionals work toward eradicating disease, I advise you to seriously consider joining this program, for the exposure you will get is invaluable and will profoundly mark you wherever you go and regardless of the path that you chose to follow in your professional careers!”


Zeina Farah ’10

The MPH curriculum has instilled in me critical thinking, communication skills, and ethical principles.  The Epidemiology and Biostatistics courses have expanded my knowledge and experience in the field of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. My experience at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) was enriching and helped me to deal with the critical situations I faced at work as it taught me that even if I do not know the answer to a certain question; I know how to find it. My dream would not have become true without the support of some amazing people at FHS. My advisors were great, supportive, and friendly all through my study period and even after graduation. I am delighted to say that I completed my MPH degree in such a rich and diverse environment like FHS.”

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