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Farah Madi ’17

“Coming from an Environmental Health background that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, I came to appreciate the public health domain. I have always looked up to myself becoming a successful professional but through this program I have achieved quite more. My Masters in Public Health did not only provide me with the essential professional skills but also touched on other aspects in my life, encouraging me to take initiatives that respond to public health problems surrounding me through volunteering and community-based projects.  This is the true success that I have gained from this program. I chose this field because I am convinced that everything in our life is in some way related to public health and that investing in a wider community approach to maintaining health will prosper in all other fields. The Philippe Jabre Scholarship was the first step in my journey and the boost of my ambitions. Being awarded this opportunity to make a difference in my society drives my aim to practice well public health in a region that desperately needs support. My contribution to this field is by devoting my skills, experience, and resources to improve our health systems.”

​Abdo Salam H. Hamade ‘15

Quality System Department Manager

“My journey at the Faculty of Health Sciences began on a morning walk to Van Dyck building Hall after I had recently completed my degree in International Affairs and was considering the next step in my academic career. The MPH program at FHS leads the way for future healthcare professionals to be well rounded leaders with various skills and trains them on how to operate, prosper, and work alongside others.”

Rawya Khodor ‘15

UNDP, Lebanon

“The Health Management and Policy concentration of the MPH program has opened new doors for me to work on several interesting and remarkable projects related to community support and healthcare reforms. The HMP program, specifically, gave me a better understanding of the management of healthcare organizations, the health politics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and world-wide, as well as of the social and economic factors embedded within them. It has otherwise allowed me to combine both in-depth health management and policy knowledge with great practical experiences. The two-years of HMP-MPH has not only equipped me with all the needed theoretical and experiential skills, but also made me a better public health practitioner.”

Ola Kdouh ‘14

Primary Healthcare Department, Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon

“The MPH program helped me widen my scope and look beyond individual practices to the social determinants of health. It opened my eyes to ethics, social justice and inequities around the world. The program offered me numerous opportunities to explore both the research and field world. Being part of the MPH program was a life changing experience on every front. Professionally, it built my skills and equipped me with tools to handle a wide array of work responsibilities in the health field. Personally, it changed my viewpoint and attitudes on important global issues like poverty, inequities and environmental awareness.”

Rami Yassoub ’13

“The program instilled in me a systematic and multi-sectorial way of thinking about healthcare matters and beyond, inculcating the fact that problems and difficulties are neither created by one factor nor solved by one solution or entity. It taught me how to utilize performance development tools to prioritize the cauldron of organizational problems I may face as a healthcare manager and more importantly the means of developing and projecting practical and achievable objectives for improvement. I acquired skills and tools that allow me to analyze persistent ineffective health policies and formulate evidence-based solutions to truly, contribute to the development of health policies that bring nation-wide and all-encompassing population health benefits. Even more, I was given the opportunity to implement these tools in real situations, along with interpreting their outcomes.”​

Nabil Natafgi  ‘11

Graduate Research Assistant and Doctoral Student

Department of Health Management and Policy, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA

The MPH-HMP program does an exceptional job in preparing its candidates for careers in health management, policy and research because of three distinct elements: (i) the rich curriculum that fosters knowledge about the complexity of health care systems in Lebanon, the region, and the world; (ii) the methodological toolkit that promotes analytical skills and critical thinking; and (iii) the systems-thinking and interdisciplinary approach that stimulates collaboration between and among students and faculty across different fields in a productive environment. On a more personal level, the FHS community nurtured life-long friendships among its graduates. “

​Nadia Fanous ‘11

Senior Project Coordinator

Tobacco Control Center at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

“In an inequitable world where we still find people striving for adequate food, water and shelter in the absence of governmental actions, I chose the MPH for the mere reason of believing that people are the catalysts of change and if we do not create the future, the present extends itself. The MPH-HMP program provided a unique balance between practice and theory.  It provided me with an understanding on public health advocacy and the means to translate knowledge into evidence-based policies.  The MPH at the Faculty of Health Sciences in AUB is “More than just a degree”!  My MPH years offered me lifetime asset of friends; classmates and professors.”

Lea El Korh  ‘10


“Of the most important things I learned at FHS is to understand my community, its needs and to critically analyze situations affecting the health of the individual as well as its hosting community. This is not only taught in the classroom but also during the practicum experience. The MPH experience by itself was also very enriching to me on a personal level given the diversity in the students' backgrounds; in terms of age, professional and educational background, nationality and culture; where each student brought part of his/her experience to the classroom.  I would strongly recommend the MPH program to professionals in the healthcare field irrespective of their background as it would definitely open new horizons in their careers.”

​Wissam Doudar ‘10

Emergency Health Specialist,

Health Consultant

“The MPH program helped me in different ways on how to challenge myself and mobilize others and to step outside my comfort zone. The curriculum is well designed and is being regularly reviewed and tuned to recognize the increasingly broad applications for public health knowledge and equip MPH candidates with the academic and practical skills they need to be distinguished in their careers. The MPH program changed my way of thinking and made me have a panoramic view on how things go on and what health strategies to think about for different settings.”

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