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Zeinab El Dirani ’17 

“Being inspired by the work of many NGOs in Lebanon especially Hearts for Lebanon, Lebanese Red Cross, and Caritas Migrant Center, a lot of things came to my mind when I graduated last year as a medical lab technologist. I realized that community health issues that are not granted enough interest are the greatest danger to our population. Projecting from my interest in being a change agent and influenced by the ideas of health equity and social justice, I wanted to pursue my studies in “Health Promotion and Community Health.” This opportunity came into reality through the support of the Philippe Jabre Scholarship that granted me a full tuition scholarship. This Grant helped me overcome financial barriers to be able to enroll at AUB. Although I have been here for a short period of time, this experience had a great impact on my life. Studying at FHS held challenges that made me a stronger and more capable person. It introduced me to a great diversity of professors and students from different cultures, all cooperating to make my experience one of a kind.”

Diana Maddah Abou Kansour ‘14

Recruitment and Impact Measurement Manager

Teach For Lebanon (TFL), Lebanon

“The Health Promotion and Community Health concentration of the MPH degree had a great influence on my life, in general, and on my work in specific. The joining of the MPH-HPCH program was the point of transformation in my life. Every course I attended, every class was an addition to my professional and personal development.  My professors inspired me to work on my ability to be an agent of change who is able to contribute in building a society with better ecological and socio-economic framework.”


Emily Field ‘14


Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center (GLITEC), Wisconsin, USA

“The Health Promotion and Community Health concentration of the MPH program dramatically changed my approach to the world. It introduced me to new and effective ways that prepare me to be an advocate for others and for causes I care about. It developed my understanding not only of how community-based approaches are both ethical and necessary, but also helped me realize why they are the most sustainable and effective means to make long-lasting positive impacts on the health of communities. Beyond the curriculum itself, the faculty members are, in my experience, also outstanding. They are especially dedicated to the field of public health and tirelessly devote themselves to the philosophies and practices they profess. The relationships I cultivated as a result of being a part of HPCH remain invaluable to my work today. This program broadened my horizons more than I ever could have hoped it would.”

Joe Noun ’13

“The MPH program has been a drastic transitional phase in my life, not just because of the information we gained, but because of the new way of thinking that we developed which has ultimately affected the way we perceive issues and the way we deal with them. This is all besides the fact that the degree is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health which has paved the way for my new career.” 

Lara El Ghaoui ’10

“Public Health is not a major; it's a lifestyle. It's not a course either; it's a new way of thinking. After sailing on the MPH Boat, today, I can't even say I've reached the shores. MPH is a lifetime journey, a journey that begins every single day.”

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