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AUB Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
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The Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB has more than 50 years experience as the pioneering school of public health in Lebanon and the region.  Since its establishment in 1954, the Faculty has been committed to excellence in instruction and research and to an active outreach and practice program. 

Outreach and practice have always been at the core of the Faculty’s work. In the 1950s, the Faculty undertook a series of community-based initiatives in 7 villages in the Bekaa valley and in the Ras Beirut neighbourhood.  In 1969, the Faculty established a Rural Health Center in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross and the Municipality of Aitaroun, on the border with Palestine in South Lebanon .

The Faculty continues in its efforts to synergistically link the three functions of research, instruction and outreach/practice.  Through the Outreach and Practice Unit and through HERU, the Faculty endeavors to engage with communities of practice and with the society at large to create positive impact on the health of populations in Lebanon and the region.

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