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AUB Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
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Centers and Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences
​​Experimentation and application are at the heart of public health and science in general.

Realizing this fact, FHS adopts a homegrown 360° systems-network approach institutionalizing the three critical public health functions of research, practice, and policy translation while keeping teaching and learning at the heart of our mission. 

The approach also looks outwards connecting to and collaborating with regional and international sister institutions and networks. This model addresses FHS's commitment to:
(1) ensure academic programs that develop the best minds and souls to lead public health programs in Lebanon and the region, 
(2) impact public health through institutionalizing Centers of research, practice, and policy, and 
(3) advocate for public health priorities regionally and globally through strong networks of regional and global partners and collaborators.

Professors, staff, and students at the Faculty of Health Sciences conduct research nationally and regionally across a range of public health disciplines. By collaborating with fellow researchers, NGO's and public institutions, FHS research also successfully contributes to changes in policy and the implementation of programs to improve health through the Faculty's research and practice centers: ​​

These centers build on each other's work and collaborate on several public health issues and methodologies. They feed into the academic departments and programs ensuring that students are engaged in the three functions and that classroom learning is enriched with hands-on experiences and real case studies, best illustrated in the recent development of seven undergraduate and graduate 'service learning' courses and a partnership for a healthy and safe city/town with the municipalities of Sin El-Fil and Bourj Hammoud (both close to Beirut).

Acknowledging the vast expanse of our region, and the need to extend beyond our immediate reach, FHS also hosts the Eastern Mediterranean Region Academic Institutions Network for Public Health (EMRAIN) Secretariat, a network of academic institutions involved in public health research or education. EMRAIN gathers 10 schools, programs, and institutes of public health in the region extending from Pakistan to Morocco. The idea for this network was recommended and nurtured by FHS and partially supported by WHO-EMRO.
FHS also remains very connected to its alumni (more than 3000) who are leading public health programs in UN agencies, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as academic programs.
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