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FHS Career Counseling Services

FHS Career Networking Event on 27 April 2016

Career Counseling Services are available to FHS current students and alumni. The mission of career counseling services at FHS is to enhance opportunities and preparation of students and alumni for the job market in Lebanon, the region and beyond. FHS graduates are well prepared to assume positions in a variety of organizations as well as to continue their education in the field of public health and other related fields.

FHS career counseling services include:
- Career guidance workshops: experts are invited to give workshops to FHS undergraduate and graduate students every semester. Topics include: CV/Resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, mock interviews, business etiquette, etc. These workshops aim to equip the students with the skills required to increase their chances of getting a job.
- One-to-one consultation meetings with career counselor:  students are encouraged to take an appointment with FHS career counselor to identify their interests and abilities, discuss career options and identify internship and job opportunities and/or options for further education. The one-to-one appointments are impartial, confidential and focused on individual needs and interests.
- Career events with alumni: FHS organizes networking events to link the students with alumni who have had successful careers and who share their experiences with the students and assist them in identifying additional resources for career development.
- Events with potential employers: FHS also provides the opportunity for students to meet with potential employers to discuss available and future opportunities and give them insight into the industry and on employer values.
- Identification of opportunities for internships, jobs, scholarships and continuing education for students and alumni: FHS encourages the students to build useful experience alongside their studies, and accordingly endeavors to identify internships and jobs to assist the students in providing evidence of their skills and knowledge in real life situations.

Many FHS graduates enter the work force upon graduation and find well-paying jobs. Below are sample job opportunities occupied by FHS graduates:

Undergraduate degrees
1. BS- Environmental Health
- Environmental Project Development and Monitoring
- Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
- Health and Safety Officer
- Environmental Education Officer
2. BS- Medical Lab Sciences
- Laboratory Technologist
- Anatomy Laboratory Assistant/Manager
- Immunology Healthcare Scientist
- Lab Quality Control Specialist
- Medical Sales Representative
- Clinical Laboratory Scientist
3. BS- Medical Imaging Sciences
- Diagnostic Radiographer
- Therapeutic Radiographer
- Imaging Assistant
- Medical Radiation Technologist
4. BS- Medical Audiology Sciences
- Audiologist/Diagnostic Audiologist
- Speech and Language Therapist
- Medical Sales and Marketing Representative

Postgraduate degrees
1. Master of Public Health
- Communication for Development Specialist
- Hospital Director
- Hospital Human Resources Manager
- Senior Humanitarian Advisor
- Fundraising and Project Coordinator
- Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator/Manager
- Behavioral Change Coordinator
- Program Quality and Development Manager
- Grants Coordinator
2. MS- Epidemiology
- Senior Data Analyst
- Data Management Officer/Associate
- Applied Epidemiologist
- Public Health Analyst
- Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance Specialist
- Systematic Review Researcher
3. MS- Environmental Sciences (Major Environmental Health)
- WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Project Coordinator/Manager
- Environmental Impact Assessment Consultant
- Expert in Climate Change Adaptation
- UN Programme Policy Officer
- Specialist in Solid Waste Management
- Expert in Black Water Management
- Water Quality Scientist
- Occupational Hygienist

The following types of institutions hire FHS graduates (in Lebanon and abroad):
• Public/governmental agencies
• Non-governmental organizations
• International organizations
• UN agencies
• Academic/research institutions
• Private companies (including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical equipment companies, etc.)
• Academic/research institutions


Contact Us
Nida Helou
Practicum Coordinator and Career Counsellor
Faculty of Health Sciences

For appointments, please email:

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