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Student Representative Committee

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). The Student Representative Committee (SRC) would like to introduce you to your student government and present to you the different activities that you may choose to participate in during the academic year.  We hope you will enjoy reading about student life at AUB where you will have the opportunity to be responsible and thus play an active role in our faculty, your new family.

What is the SRC?

The SRC is a committee made up of students who are selected by their classmates through elections, and includes the faculty adviser they choose. Its aim is to plan and organize activities that involve all FHS students; to foster acquaintances among the student body; and to promote the discussion of issues pertinent to the student body.  The action plan for the current academic year is submitted to the advisor and should include major events and activities that the SRC is planning to organize in timetabled format.

Student activism is encouraged within all levels of the faculty and is a valued part of student life at FHS. The Student Affairs Services supports the various student activities of the student body.

Extracurricular activities provide students with ample opportunity to nurture their talents and develop various skills, such as team spirit, efficient project management, organization of campaigns and advocacy, communication, leadership and conflict resolution skills.

The Student Representative Committee (FHS-SRC) is an essential component of a vital student body at FHS. The SRC is a student elected committee that represents all FHS students. It serves as the link between the students and the administration and works on academic, administrative, social, political, and public health issues. 

There are two other student organizations that complement the work of the SRC:  the Environment Club, and the Human Rights and Peace Club.

Environment Club: For students interested in learning about environmental issues and how to keep our environment clean.

Human Rights and Peace Club: Established in 1992, the club is mainly interested in issues related to the application and abuse of human rights throughout the world.  Members' roles are centered on promoting human rights to students.

Click here for more information on clubs at AUB as well as the AUB-SRC mission statement.

The SRC is often called upon by the University to voice student opinion in the discussion of numerous important academic issues of relevance to students. At the faculty level, three representatives are chosen from the nine students in the SRC to attend the FHS Academic and Curriculum Committee (ACC) meetings as well as the FHS Graduate and Undergraduate committee meetings.  During these meetings, students are given the opportunity to expose, discuss and clarify issues related to the students as well as issues on the agenda.  Students get acquainted with the academic profile of the faculty and get hands on experience of "shared governance" with members of these committees.  At the end of the academic year, three graduate students from the SRC attend the Faculty Retreat - a structured forum that evaluates the performance of the faculty according to many criteria and key indicators documented throughout the academic year.  The floor is open to discussions, questions and suggestions from the students.

Faculty Gatherings

FHS faculty members and students gather on different occasions during the year for a chance to relax and socialize, starting with the faculty reception at the beginning of each year and continuing with different events. The SRC usually plans these gatherings on different occasions such as Christmas, Ramadan, and at the end of the year. One of the activities held last year was the Zawtar reception where faculty members, students and community members of Zawtar El-Charkieh celebrated the USFC funding to build a playground in the town's nursery. We are very much looking forward to seeing the FHS student society participate in such activities and events, thus strengthening the familial spirit shared between faculty and students.

Student Clubs

As a member of the AUB community, you may choose to join one or more of many student clubs where you can explore, develop and even discover your hidden talents. 

You will enjoy the diversity of backgrounds you will find in these clubs where cultural, artistic and ideological interests come together to make for a unique and unforgettable experience.

The SRC hopes to assist you in directing your efforts towards issues that you care about and to translate those efforts into memories of success that you will take with you from FHS to plant in the firm ground of your futures.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the different activities last year. We hope to see you as part of the SRC this year and that you will continue an active student that has the potential to excel in academia, the motivation to participate in community service, outreach and volunteering, and the capacity to enjoy student life.  We are striving to instill a culture of civic engagement and community service at FHS by involving students in service and research with the ultimate goal of improving the health and well-being of our societies.

With best wishes for a great academic year,


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