Auditory Ambitions

​​​​In 2018 Dana Cherri (BS '18) graduated from AUB with a degree in Medical Audiology Sciences and almost immediately afterward became one of a handful of Lebanese students studying Audiology at the doctoral level in the United States. She is a Ph.D. candidate in audiology at the University of South Florida.

Cherri who hails from Kherbet Selem, near Lebanon's southern border, first heard about audiology when she was 16. Her father, an optometrist, having taken a trip to Germany to learn about hearing aids, returned to Lebanon and decided to introduce her to the field.

“I wasn't interested in it at first, but then I read more about it," says Cherri. Particularly attractive to her was the opportunity to enter a nascent field in Lebanon that she could shape. “I realized when I was a senior in high school that there was an opportunity for me to be a pioneer in this field, to change something."

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