Food Insecurity and Subjective Wellbeing Among Arab Youth Living in Varying Contexts of Political Instability

Amid the continued political instability and protracted crises in the Arab world, the region has been witenessing an increase in youth unemployment accompanied with rise of food prices and insecurity. These factors along with many other have led to deterioration in wellbeing and public health. 

In this context, researchers from the Center for Research on Population and Health (CRPH) â€‹published a new study entitled "Food Insecurity and Subjective Wellbeing Among Arab Youth Livingin Varying Contexts of Political Instability." 

This study investigates correlations between individual-level food insecurity experience and wellbeing in Arab youth, and how these differ by political stability settings. By under-standing experiences of food insecurity in youth, youth-centred policies, and interventions can better mitigate the impact of food insecurity on youth wellbeing.

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