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The American University of Beirut leads a new study on Multiple Sclerosis and the Glympatic System

Dr. Charbel Saade,  Assitant Professor of Medical Imaging Sciences at AUB is highlighting the effects of gadolinium in the glymphatic system when imaging patients with multiple sclerosis​​

Gadolinium-enhanced MR imaging is currently the reference standard to detect active inflammatory lesions in Multiple Sclerosis MS. Knowledge of the patterns and mechanisms of contrast enhancement is vital to limit the ​radiologic differential diagnosis in the staging and evaluation of MS lesion activity. This paper describes 1) the pathophysiology of the effect of lymphocyte-driven inflammation in MS, 2) effects of gadolinium on the BBB and glymphatic system, and 3) gadolinium enhancement patterns and artifacts that can mimic lesions in MS.  This paper explores the complexities of Imaging patterns and diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the effect of gadolinium enhancement and gadolinium retention due to the various blood-brain barriers.

Read the full study HERE.​