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Here's what to know about COVID-19 and pregnancy | Dr. Faysal El Kak

As scientists continue to explore the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus COVID-19 and search for ways to impede and treat it, there have been many controversial issues among which is pregnancy and the risks of maternal infection of corona.

Responding to these concerns on the impacts of the virus on pregnant women and their fetuses, Dr. Faysal El Kak, Obstetrics and Gynecology physician and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences, explained to Annahar newspaper that it has become known that this virus is rapidly spreading with severe health, economic and social effects.

"Although most symptoms are normal, there are about 14% of cases that need hospitalization and 5% need intensive care. Our role is to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and compliance with health guidelines and social distancing focusing on pregnant women and newborns."

Highlighting the latest findings on the transmission of the virus from the mother to the fetus, Dr. El Kak said that until today there is a limited evidence on that. "The recently published study in The Lancet on a small sample from Wuhan in China sh​ows that there is no vertical transmission of infection from an infected pregnant woman to a fetus or newborn and no transmission through breastfeeding."

Dr. El Kak concluded "pregnancy leads to multiple physiological changes, which makes the symptoms of corona infection more severe. All research focus on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding all circumstances that could expose pregnant women to infection of all kinds. They should abide by social-distancing even inside the home in case there was a suspected case of covid-19 in the family and practice a healthy lifestyle physically and psychologically as possible in this delicate situation." 

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