FHS researchers conduct a national survey on musculoskeletal pain among bakery workers in Lebanon

Studies assessing bakery workers’ musculoskeletal problems are globally limited. Researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) conducted the first national study examining musculoskeletal pain among bakery workers in Lebanon and the region.

​This study, entitled "Musculoskeletal pain among bakery workers in Lebanon: a national survey,"​ examined the association of self-reports of repetitive hand movements, perceptions of the work environment, and somatization with upper extremity musculoskeletal pain among bakery workers, an understudied population globally.

Surveys were conducted in 504 randomly selected bakeries across Lebanon and administered through face-to-face interviews at the workplace. The survey included items on musculoskeletal pain, general health, workplace environment, activities, and socio-demographics. A positive association of musculoskeletal pain with negative workplace perceptions and somatization was determined​. The research showed the critical need for interventions in the work environment and work strategies of the bakeries.

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