What made Lebanese emigrant nurses leave and what would bring them back?

​The nursing workforce is critical for the provision of quality health-care and positive patient outcomes. There is a global trend of migration of nurses from under-developed to developed countries due to attractive job offers in the host countries. Lebanon presents such a case where nurses are migrating abroad, leading to shortages in the nursing workforce in their home country. With the aim of investigating the causes for the migration of Lebanese nurses, and incentives that would attract them back to their home country in order to enhance the nursing workforce in Lebanon, researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Hariri School of Nursing and Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut and the Order of Nurses in Lebanon​ conducted a cross-sectional survey entitled "What made Lebanese emigrant nurses leave and wh​at would bring them back?"

The study finds that the departure of highly educated and experienced nurses from Lebanon forms a challenge for the less experienced nurses remaining in the country, who could benefit from the mentorship and experience of their migrating peers. The researchers concludes that creating an environment that could enhance the professional development of nurses in Lebanon, with financial incentives could retain the nursing workforce in the country. 

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