Public Health in the Arab World

    ​​​​​​Public Health in the Arab World (PHAW) is a international collaborative initiative that aims at mobilizing for a new public health in the Arab region. It builds on a long history of collaborations concerning health in the region. 

    The first phase of this initiative involved collaborative scholarship among an international group of 81 authors to write the largest edited book on the subject, Public Health in the Arab World (Cambridge University Press, 2012). More about the book

    This collaboration led to the launch of the PHAW Network which includes a listserv with a reach of several thousand people. The purpose is to facilitate exchange and collabortion on various matters related to public health in the region. More about PHAW Network  

    The initiative also include the development of a Lancet Series Health in the Arab world: a view from within.  More about the Lancet Series​        

    This website provides access to various resources concerning PHAW. See Regional Resources Portal and other links (left column)  

    Please get involved! Write us at:​​