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​The following links concern health systems in the Arab world. This page will be updated regularly so please visit often.

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      Conferences and Meetings

      • Building research-for-health systems towards equity and development in the context of change in the Arab World (Panel in FORUM 2012), 24-26 April 2012 (Cape Town, South Africa)
      • MENA HPF Multi-stakeholder Symposium, "Improving Health Systems through Better Governance and Accountability in the MENA Region", 7-9 June 2012 (Tunis, Tunisia)
      • Public Health Leadership Program "Tools & Strategies for Managing the Development of Public Health Programming in the Middle-East", 21-26 September 2012 (Amman, Jordan)
      • Séminaire sur Le système de santé et la protection sociale, 24-25 Mai 2013 (Rbat, Maroc)
      • المؤتمر الأول للجمعية السعودية للإدارة الصحية، 19-22 شباط 2013 (الرياض، السعودية(

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