Office of the CFO


Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)



​The Travel Office is established to provide Air Travel booking and ticket issuing services for business trips to faculty and staff of the University. The office is a provider of reliable, cost effective and convenient travel arrangements. Faculty and Staff are kindly asked to read the travel policy.

Faculty and Staff can request travel tickets through the I- Procurement af​ter filling the Request and Authorization for Official University Travel (RAOUT).

The RAOUT and a copy of the valid passport should be attached to the I-Procurement request.

Before issuance of the ticket, every passenger should check the spelling of his name in the reservation to be as per his passport.

Note: Once the ticket is purchased travellers are kindly requested to go back to I-Procurement and close the order (receiving of the requisition).


 It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you Check and Hold a Valid Visa for your entire trip as required.

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 Ext: 2375 | 2440
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