Pain Division

​​​​​kanazi.jpgPain is a complex sensory and emotional experience that can impact your daily activities, quality of life and relationships. Our focus is to provide evidence based medicine aiming to decrease your suffering and restoring your functions.

The Pain Management Center at the American University of Beirut offers a multidisciplinary program where the patient is treated as a whole addressing each problem that contributes to their pain and inability to live their life to the fullest.

Our team is a group of 3 physicians that are active in international organizations and experienced in the treatment of back pain, nerve injury, cancer pain, arthritis, as well as abdominal pain. We provide pain management for cancer and non cancer pain patients through a variety of pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and evidence based interventional management modalities.

We offer outpatient pain services as well as inpatient consultations and active management for patients with both acute and chronic pain.

​Our mission is to establish a center of excellence in the middle east, that provides exceptional care for the patients in pain through appropriate medical management and interventions.

Ghassan Kanazi, MD
Pain Division Director​