Pain Division

​​​​kanazi.jpgPain is a complex sensory and emotional experience that can impact our daily activities, quality of life and relationships. Our focus is to provide evidence based pain medicine aiming to decrease patients suffering and restoring their functions to maximum potential. 

The pain management team is a multidisciplinary team that includes pain physicians, anesthesia residents and nurses who work together with other disciplines to provide best care for each patient.

Our vision is to establish a center of excellence in the Middle East that provides exceptional care for the patients in pain through appropriate medical management and interventions.

Our mission is to provide evidence based practice pain management for patients in Lebanon.

We offer outpatient pain services as well as inpatient consultations and active management for patients with both acute and chronic pain.

The inpatient pain service: 

  • Provides 24/7 coverage 7 days a week for all admitted patients at AUBMC requiring pain management on consultancy basis.
  • Provides pain management for cancer and non-cancer patients through a variety of pharmacotherapy modalities, including patient controlled analgesia, epidural analgesia and peripheral nerve catheters.
  • Resource for primary medical/Nursing team at AUBMC for pain management.

The Outpatient pain clinic: 

  • Provides 5 days a week coverage from 8am-5pm for all outpatient patients requiring acute and chronic pain management through regular clinic visits.
  • Provides pain management through a variety of pharmacotherapy modalities, and interventional procedures on outpatient basis. 
Interventions provided: (List provided on the website)

Ghassan Kanazi, MD
Pain Division Director​