Ongoing Research Projects

​​​​​​​​Dr. Marie T​. Aouad:
  • Predictors of post-operative pain in shoulder surgery, a prospective observational study.
  • The frequency of airway complications after LMA removal in children: A comparison of TIVA and Sevoflurane.

Dr. Sahar Siddik-Sayyid​​​

  • Pre-Procedural Ultrasound Techniques versus the Conventional Landmark Technique of Spinal Anesthesia in the Elderly Population.

Dr. Carine Zeeni:

  • Intraoperative Dexmedetomidine versus morphine for postoperative analgesia after Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery.
  • Effect of post-operative Trendelenburg position on shoulder pain after gynecological laparoscopic procedures.

Dr. Roland Kaddoum:

  • Automated versus conventional perioperative glycemic control in adult diabetic patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.
  • Reduction of Non operative time using the Induction Room, Parallel Processing, and Sugammadex.

Dr. Jean Beresian:

  • An observational study of intraoperative ventilator management and post-operative pulmonary complications.

Dr. Cynthia Karam:

  • Comparison of two anesthetic protocols (sevoflurane and laryngeal mask airway versus Propofol infusion and facemask) for Eye Examination under anesthesia in children.

Dr. Marwan Rizk:

  • The ease of Threading the endotracheal tube over the fiberoptic bronchoscope on the left vs. right lip commissure.

Dr. Christine El-Yahchouchi:

  • High flow nasal cannula patients undergoing ophthalmic surgeries with intravenous sedation.

Dr. Ghassan Kanazi:

  • Translation, cross cultural adaptation and validation of Rolland Morris low back pain tool in Lebanon.
  • Translation, cross cultural adaptation and validation of an Arabic version of short form 2 McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-2-MPQ).
  • Translation, cross cultural adaptation and validation of an Arabic version of West Haven Multidimensional Yale Pain Inventory (WHYMPI).
  • Do peripheral Nerve blocks, when used as part of a multimodal regimen inclusive on intrathecal morphine improve analgesia after unilateral total knee anthroplasty? A randomized controlled trial.