Guidelines For Authors

​​​​​​​The Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology publishes original work in the fields of anesthesiology, intensive care, pain, and emergency medicine. This includes clinical or laboratory investigations, review articles, case reports and letters to the Editor.

​​Submission of manuscripts

The Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology accepts electronic submission of manuscripts as an e-mail attachment only.

Manuscripts must be submitted via email attachment to: 

Department of Anesthesiology, 
American University of Beirut Medical Center
Beirut, Lebanon 

​Human Subjects

Manuscripts describing investigations performed in humans should state that the study was approved by the appropriate Institutional Review Board and written informed consent was obtained from all patients or parents of minors.​


Articles are published in English

Manuscript Preparation​​​

Manuscript format required:
Double-spaced lines
Wide margins (1.5 inches or 3.8 cm)
Page numbers start on title page

Word count should reflect text only (excluding abstract, references, figures and tables).

Editorial                 1500
Abstract            250 (General articles)
                          100 (Case Reports)
Review article 4000
Original article 3000
Case Reports 800
Letter to Editor 500

Abbreviations and symbols

  • Use only standard abbreviations.
  • Avoid abbreviations in the title of the manuscript.
  • The spelled-out abbreviations followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis should be used in first mention.

Clinical or laboratory investigations

The following structured format is required: ​