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Program Overview

​This year’s program will involve two separate events including a 3-day advanced school followed by a 2-day conference. The current theme selected “Trauma and Stress, from neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration” will cover a wide range of topics related to trauma and stress-induced neurological, neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. Our aim is to promote education and advance scientific exchange in the MENA region, by providing state of the art lectures delivered by local and international experts in the field, to a selected group of neuroscience graduate students. Forty students (20 locals and 20 invited) will be competitively selected from the MENA region to attend the IBRO-MENA event at AUB.

World renowned and regional neuroscientists will be invited to share their expertise and research findings during the proposed 2-day conference. Particular emphasis will be placed on promoting the professional advancement of women in neuroscience by boosting the number of women-invited speakers to 50%.

The proposed 3-day school will encourage positive interaction and communication between the MENA region and world-renowned neuroscience experts in the behavioral, cellular, and molecular aspects of the general theme. Focus will be placed on the clinical and translational dimensions of the theme topics.  Sessions will include didactic lectures divided into modules based on different themes and subthemes moderated by invited neuroscientists. Multiple interactive workshops on microscopy, bioinformatics, behavioral, scientific writing and ethics in neuroscience research will be conducted. On the last day of school, a session will be dedicated to address the future of neuroscience research “Frontiers in neuroscience” and discuss novel and emerging technologies, such as optogenetics, clarity microscopy, robotics, and big data.

The 2-day conference will include oral and poster presentations. Students will present their research findings (10-15 min presentations) to a panel of judges. Awards will be given to students who deliver the best oral and poster presentations. A Q&A neuroscience trivia competition will be held at the end of each session to engage all attendees and encourage active learning.

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