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 The Second AUBMC Theranostics Conference


The field of Theranostics is rapidly evolving. Theranostics, derived from therapy and diagnostics, is the use of radionuclide-labeled agents that specifically permit us to diagnose disease in patients and then use identical or closely related agents to treat the disease. Nuclear medicine plays an integral part in this field as it aids in selecting patients in whom targeted therapy would be most effective, thus paving the way for personalized medicine, especially in oncology. In addition to research, the advancement of Theranostics requires optimal patient selection, such as knowledge of all prognostic factors, optimization of the therapeutic index by prospective dosimetry, the ability to pharmacologically manipulate target expression, the possibility of using cytostatic treatments between and after radionuclide therapy, and the optimization of patient follow-up using accurate, reliable markers of therapeutic efficacy.

The conference included renowned speakers from all over the world giving insights into their research and clinical work in the field of nuclear medicine while presenting new ideas and concepts related to personalized medicine.

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Day 1: Friday, September 6, 2019

Introduction to Theranostics: A New Era of Nuclear Medicine  - Dr. Sobhan Vinjamuri
Update in Radio-embolisation of liver tumors - Dr. Patrick Flamen
Differentiated thyroid cancer Nuclear Medicine post-BTA Guidelines - Dr. Sobhan Vinjamuri
Toxicity and safety in PRRT and 177Lu-PSMA-Therapy - Dr. Norbert Czech

Day 2: Saturday, September 7, 2019

Theranostics in Child Neuroblastoma - Dr. Francisco Gammaril
Theranostics in NET - Dr. Hojjat Ahmadzadehfar
Controversies in the Management of DTC - Dr. Akram Al Ibraheem       
Radiation Effects of Iodine Therapy - Dr. Maroun Karam
Dosimetry or Not Dosimetry, this is the Problem in Nuclear Medicine Therapy - Dr. Francisco Gammaril
MRI Targeted Fusion Biopsy: The Concept and Local Experience - Dr. Raja Ashou
PSMA PET/CT in Initial Staging and Management of Prostate Cancer: Regional Experience - Dr. Akram Al Ibraheem
Theranostics in Prostate Cancer using PSMA - Dr. Hojjat Ahmadzadehfar
PRRT the New Master Treatment - Between current status in literature and effects - Dr. Norbert Czech
New therapeutic options for RAI refractory thyroid cancer - Dr. Sally Temraz
MRI of Prostate Cancer and Application of PI-RADS - Dr. Hero K. Hussain

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