American Univesity of Beirut

 Bone and Mineral Metabolism Series

Bone and Mineral Metabolism Series @ CaMOP ​@ AUB
Nov 2021-June 2023.

​​​​​Session 1 | Nov 1, 2021:​
Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan MD, MPH, FRCP, American University of Beirut.
"Osteoporosis Disease Burden Globally".

Session 2 | Nov 15, 2021:
Elizabeth Shane MD, Columbia University Medical Center.
"Osteoporosis in Pre-menopausal Women".

Session 3 | Nov 29, 2021:
Robert Adler MD, Virginia Commonwealth University.
"Osteoporosis in Men".

Session 4 | Dec 13, 2021:
Ken Saag MD, MSC, Birmingham. 
"Glucocorticoid-induced Osteoporosis".

Session 5 | Jan 10, 2022:
Serge Ferrari MD, Geneva University Hospital.
"Diabetic Bone Disease".

Session 6 | Jan 24, 2022:
Paul Miller MD, University of Colorado Medical Center.
"CKD and Metabolic Bone Diseases". 

Session 7 | Feb 7, 2022:
Cathy Van Poznak MD, University of Michigan Health.
"AI Induced Osteoporosis in Breast Cancer".

Session 8 | Feb 21, 2022:
Marl​ene Chakhtoura MD, MSC, American University of Beirut.
"OP in Patients with Prostate Cancer".

Session 9 | March 7, 2022:
Mathew Drake MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic. 
"OP in MM and MGUS".

Session 10 | April 4, 2022:
Bil​l Leslie MD, MSC, University of Manitoba.
"Fracture Risk Assessment Tools".​

Session 11 | April 18, 2022​:​
Mike McClung MD, Australian Catholic University.
"The Art and Science of Managing Osteoporosis".​​​​

Session 12 | May 10, 2022​:​
John Shepherd PhD, University of California San Francisco.
"Imaging in OP, the Present and Future in Osteoporosis Management".​

Session 13 | May 16, 2022​:​
Marlene Chakhtoura MD, MSc, American University of Beirut.
"Calcium and Vitamin D in OP: what is the Evidence?".​

Session 14 | May 30, 2022​:​
Neil Binkley MD, University of Wisconsin.
"Osteoporosis in Orthopedic Patients​​".​

Session 15 | July 11, 2022​:​
Ben Leder MD, Massachusetts General Hospital.
"OP Sequential and Combination Therapy​​​​".​

Session 16 | July 18, 2022​:​
Suzanne Jan De Beur MD, Johns Hopkins.
"Anabolic Therapies and Romozosumab: Where Does it fit in OP Care Pathways?​​​​".​​

Session 17 | July 25, 2022​:​
Peter Ebeling MD, Monash University.
"Drug Holidays​​​​​".​​

Session 18 | Sep 12, 2022​:​
Jad Sfeir MD, Mayo Clinic.
"Osteoporosis Treatment in the Oldest Old​​​​​​".​​

Session 19 | Oct 3, 2022​:​
Bo Abrahamsen MD, PhD, University of Southern Denmark.
"AFF, ONJ, and other OP Drug-induced Complications​​​​​​​".​​

Session 20 | Oct 17, 2022​:​
Ambrish Mithal MD, Max Hospital.
"Vitamin D Deficiency a Global Perspective​​​​​​​​".​​

Session 21 | Oct 31, 2022​:​
Chris Sempos PhD, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry.
"Vitamin D Assays  and Assay Standardization".​​

Session 22 | Nov 14, 2022​:​
Asma Arabi, MD, MSc, American University of Beirut.
"Vitamin D and Cancer​".​​

Session 23 | Nov 28, 2022​:​
Adrian Martineau, MD, Queen Mary University of London.
"Vitamin D and Infections​​".​​

Session 24 | Dec 12, 2022​:​
Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, MD, MPH, FRCP, ​American University of Beirut​.
​​"Vitamin D and Covid 19​".​​

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