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​​​​​Research Interests

Inflammation in the Gut, Inflammation in the Cardiovascular System, Burn Wound Healing, in addition to medical education.

Inflammation, Cell Biology, Stem cells, Diabetes, Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC), Non-invasive ablation of AV node by radiation

Selected Publications

Inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus: The links.
Jurjus A, Eid A, Al Kattar S, Zeenny MN, Gerges-Geagea A, Haydar H, Hilal A, Oueidat D, Matar M, Tawilah J, Hajj Hussein I Schembri-Wismayer P, Cappello F, Tomasello G, Leone A, Jurjus RA;
BBA Clinical, 5: 16-24, 2016.

Differences in emotional experience and coping with human cadaver dissection between a sample of US and Lebanese medical students: A pilot study.
Hajj Hussein I, Wasserman JA, Raoof A, Jurjus A
Medical Science Educator, 26(2): 203-206, 2016.

Stem cells in the management of tympanic membrane perforation: An update. Stem cells in Clinical Applications: Neurological regeneration.
El-Baba B, Barake C, Moukarbel R, Jurjus R, Sertel S,Jurjus A
Editor: Phuc Van Pham. pp. 195-211, Springer.

Swine atrioventricular node ablation using sterotactic radiosurgery: Methods and In vivo feasibility investigation for catheter-free ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.
Refaat MM, Ballout JA, Zakka P, Hotait M, Al Feghali KA, Abu Gheida I, Saade C, Hourani M, Geara F, Tabbal M, Sfeir P, Jalbout W, Al-Jaroudi W, Jurjus A, Youssef B.
Editor: Phuc Van Pham. pp. 195-211, Springer.

Tea catechins induce crosstalk between signaling pathways and stabilize mast cells in ulcerative colitis.
Gerges Geagea A, Rizzo M, Eid A, Hajj Hussein I, Zgheib Z, Zeenny MN, Jurjus R, Uzzo ML, Spatola GF5, Bonaventura G, Leone A, Massaad-Massade L,Jurjus A
J Biol Regul Homeost Agents, 31(4): 865-877, 2017.​


  • Special Appreciation Award from the Lebanese University, 2014
  • Recognition and Appreciation Award from Lebanese Medical students International Committee (LEMSIC-SCORE) 2002 and 2016
  • Prize of Palermo University, 2017
  • ​Special Recognition and Appreciation from the Sain Pantoleon Medical Association, 2017

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