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Lab of Dr. Marwan El-Sabban

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Research Interests

​Cell differentiation, Inflammation, Stem cells, Cell signaling, Cancer, Induced pluripotent stem cells, Cancer Stem cells, metastasis, extravasation, Niche, gap junctions, exosomes, aquatic organism-derived bioactive molecules.

His research interests encompass: deciphering the interaction between host tissues and cancer cells: molecular mechanisms of cancer cell invasion, extravasation and metastasis; Cancer cell microenvironment; Non-invasive screening of biomarkers of cancers: Exosomes and miRNA signatures; Role of Junctional assembly and Connexins in mammary gland differentiation, breast cancer and in inflammatory Bowl Disease; Niche function in organ-specific differentiation of stem cells and their use in regenerative medicine and in drug discovery and screening.

Selected Publications

Cx43 Expression Correlates with Breast Cancer Metastasis in MDA-MB-231 Cells In Vitro, In a Mouse Xenograft Model and in Human Breast Cancer Tissues. 
Kazan JM, El-Saghir J, Saliba J, Shaito A, Jalaleddine N, El-Hajjar L, Al-Ghadban S, Yehia L, Zibara K, El-Sabban M 
Cancers Journal Article,  2019 

Bevacizumab induces inflammation in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell line and in a mouse model. 
El-Hajjar L, Jalaleddine N, Shaito A, Zibara K, Kazan JM, El-Saghir J, El-Sabban M
Cellular signalling Journal Article, 2019 

EMT Markers in Locally-Advanced Prostate Cancer: Predicting Recurrence?
Cheaito KA, Bahmad HF, Hadadeh O, Saleh E, Dagher C, Hammoud MS, Shahait M, Mrad ZA, Nassif S, Tawil A, Bulbul M, Khauli R, Wazzan W, Nasr R, Shamseddine A, Temraz S, El-Sabban ME, El-Hajj A, Mukherji D, Abou-Kheir W 
Frontiers in oncology Journal Article,  2019

Validation of a Drosophila model of wild type and T315I mutated BCR-ABL1 in chronic myeloid leukemia: An effective platform for treatment screening. 
Al Outa A, Abubaker D, Bazarbachi A, El Sabban M, Shirinian M, Nasr R
Haematologica Journal Article, 2019 

Gap Junctions and Wnt Signaling in the Mammary Gland: a Cross-Talk? 
Fostok SF, El-Sibai M, El-Sabban M, Talhouk RS 
Journal of mammary gland biology and neoplasia Journal Article, 2019 

Data on migration of the non-invasive breast cancer cell line, MCF-7 treated with Bevacizumab using Real Time Cell Analyzer (RTCA). 
El-Hajjar L, Shaito A, Jalaleddine N, Zibara K, Kazan JM, El-Saghir J, El-Sabban M 
Data in brief Journal Article, 2019

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