Lab of Dr. Nadine Darwiche

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​​​Research Area

Mechanisms of cancer prevention and targeted cancer therapy by retinoids Anticancer drug development from natural resources

Research Projects

  • Mechanism of action and efficacy of the sesquiterpene lactone HNA-2 in acute myeloid leukemia and colorectal cancer
  • Cross-talk between bradykinin and retinoic acid receptors signaling in colorectal cancer: Novel therapeutic opportunities
  • Preclinical efficacy of the synthetic retinoid ST1926 and novel derivative in colorectal cancer
  • Colorectal cancer cell metabolism: Pentose phosphate pathway and effects of retinoids
  • Targeted therapy of adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma and acute myeloid leukemia by the novel synthetic retinoid ST1926 and derivatives
  • Mechanism of action of anticancer inhibitors of DNA polymerase

Selected Publications

New insights into the mechanism of action of the atypical retinoid ST1926 in colorectal cancer: DNA damage and DNA polymerase α
Abdel-Samad, R., Aouad, P., Gali-Muhtasib, H., Sweidan, Z., Hmadi, R., Kadara, H., D’Andrea, E.L., Fucci, A., Pisano, C. and *Darwiche, N.
American Journal of Cancer Research Jan. 1; 8(1):39-55, 2018

The anti-tumor activity of the synthetic retinoid ST1926 on primary effusion lymphoma in vitro and in vivo models
Karam, L., Housheimi, B., Abdel-Samad, R., Jaafar, M., Halloum, I., Pisano, C., Neipel, F., *Darwiche, N. and Abou Merhi, R.
Oncology Reports 39(2): 721-730, 2018.

Antitumor effect of the atypical retinoid ST1926 in acute myeloid leukemia and nanoparticle formulation prolongs lifespan and reduces tumor burden of xenograft mice.
El-Houjeiri, L., Saad, W., Hayar, B., Aouad, P., Tawil, N., Abdel-Samad, R., Hleihel, R., Hamie, M., Mancinelli, A., Pisano, C., El Hajj, H. and *Darwiche, N.
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 16(10):2047-2057, 2017

Anti-tumor activities of the synthetic retinoid ST1926 in two-dimensional and three-dimensional human breast cancer models.
Aouad, P., Saikali, M., Abdel-Samad, R., Fostok, S., El-Houjeiri, L., Pisano, C., Talhouk, R. and *Darwiche, N.
Anticancer Drugs 28(7):757-770, 2017.

The synthetic retinoid ST1926 as a novel therapeutic agent in rhabdomyosarcoma.
Basma, H., Ghayad, S.E., Rammal. G., Mancinelli, A., Harajly, M., Ghamloush, F., Dweik, L., El-Eit, R., Zalzali, H., Rabeh, W., Pisano, C., Darwiche, N. and Saab, R.
International Journal of Cancer 138(6):1528-37, 2016.​

Research Grants

​​​Tit​l​e: Mechanism of Action and Efficacy of the Anticancer Drug HNA-2 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Colorectal Cancer
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Hikma Pharmaceuticals Company, Amman, Jordan
Year: 2018 - 2019 ​
​​​​Tit​l​e: Cross-talk between Bradykinin and Retinoic Acid Receptors Signaling in Colorectal Cancer: Novel Therapeutic Opportunities
Role: Principal Investigator
Source:Medical Practice Plan of AUB and University Research Board of AUB
Year: 2016-2018 
​​​​​Tit​l​e: Preclinical Efficacy of the Synthetic Retinoid ST1926 and Novel Derivative in Colorectal Cancer  
Role: Principal Investigator
Source: Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research, Beirut-Lebanon 
Year: 2017-2019
Tit​l​e:Retinoids and Prostate Cancer: Deciphering the Mechanisms of Action and Evaluating the Anti-neoplastic Activities of the Synthetic Retinoid ST1926 on Prostate Cancer​
Role: Co-Investigator​
Source: Medical Practice Plan and University Research Board of AUB 
Year: 2015-2018 ​


Future Leader in Cancer Research from low- and middle-income countries
​Biomedical Research Day, Best Presentation  
​Biomedical Research Day,  ​Seventh annual- Cancer category
​Biomedical Research Day, ​​annual- Biomedical Engineering category
​Biomedical Research Day, ​​Fourth annual-Cancer category
Biomedical Research Day, First annual- Oral presentation​
Lindbergh Foundation Award Recipient- For Balancing Technology and the Environment
Teaching Excellence Award- American University of Beirut/Lebanon ​