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​​​Medical Student Electives

​​The Department of Diagnostic Radiology offers an elective in General Radiology to medical students from AUB and other universities in Lebanon and abroad. The elective exposes medical students to basic principles of radiology and different imaging modalities. A team of faculty members, residents, and technicians are involved in teaching and supervising students.


The goal of the basic four-week clerkship at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology is to teach students the fundamental principles of interpreting radiographic studies. Students will learn the value and limitations of such studies in commonly encountered clinical problems. The concept of what constitutes an adequate radiographic study will be examined. Case material will be selected to illustrate both normal and abnormal anatomic and physiologic states.

This diverse learning experience incorporates lectures, textbook readings, and rotations in various radiological subspecialties, as well as opportunities to observe many interventional procedures.


By the end of the rotation, medical students should be able to:

  • Apply their knowledge of basic and clinical sciences to the decision-making process to identify the most appropriate imaging study for a given clinical condition.
  • Understand the various types of imaging exams, including their indications, patients' preparation, contraindications and possible complications.
  • Understand the basics of radiology safety and intravenous contrast use, including indications, contraindications and contrast reactions.
  • Recognize normal anatomical structures on the different imaging modalities
  • Identify consolidation/collapse, mass, pneumothorax, pleural effusion.
  • Identify bowel perforation, bowel obstruction, stones.
  • Identify fractures, dislocations and bone tumors.
  • Understand the fundamentals of emergent CT scan evaluation for acute abdomen, cardiothoracic and skeletal trauma.
  • Recognize intracranial bleed, acute ischemic stroke and brain tumor.
  • Understand the indications and the diagnostic utility of ultrasonography in specific clinical scenarios.
  • Understand the proper placement of tubes and central venous lines, as well as the various complications of these procedures.

Schedule and learning activities:

Students are expected to participate fully in all daily activities at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology.  Students are expected to be available from 9:00am till 4:00pm with one hour of lunch break around noon time.

Students are required to report to the Clerkship Director on the first day of their rotation for orientation.

Students will be scheduled in one different clinical reading rotation every week including Chest Imaging and Abdominal Imaging as mandatory rotations and a choice of two of the following: Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Pediatric Imaging, Ultrasound Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Women Imaging and Nuclear Medicine. Medical students are expected to observe, participate and, at some point, independently assess the radiologic findings of cases and arrive at a defendable interpretation.

There will be weekly conferences at 12:00pm on Wednesday to go over basic radiology topics and interesting cases in Chest Imaging, Abdominal Imaging, Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Imaging.  Students are required to attend these lectures and participate in the case discussions. 


AUB students may apply to the elective by contact the medical school staff in charge of selective rotation assignment. 

Non-AUB students should contact the AUB Dean's Office and submit a Medical Student Elective Rotation Application​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​R​​​esident​ Electives 

​Physicians in training are welcome to apply for electives at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. Electives are offered in general radiology or in a particular subspecialty area based on the applicant's interest and area of training. 


​AUB residents may apply directly to the department by contacting the Program Coordinator. 

Non-AUB residents should contact the AUB Dean's Office and submit a ​Physician In-Training Elective Rotation Application.


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