​​​Medical Student Electives

​​The Department of Diagnostic Radiology offers an elective in General Radiology to medical students from AUB and other universities in Lebanon and abroad. The elective exposes medical students to basic principles of radiology and different imaging modalities. A team of faculty members, residents, and technicians are involved in teaching and supervising students. ​

The department offers daily educational activities that students are encouraged to attend including Didactic Conferences, Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, and Case Discussions. In addition, other interdepartmental conferences are conducted each week as per the below list:

  • ENT /Radiology                                                1 hour/month
  • Tumor Clinic                                                     1 hours/week
  • Neurosurgery/Pathology/Radiology             1 hour/week
  • Pediatric/Radiology                                         1 hour/week​
  • Medical Ward/Radiology                                1 hour/week
  • Orthopedic/Radiology                                     2 hours/month
  • Family Medicine/Radiology                            1 hour/month
  • Rheumatology/Radiology                               1 hour/month
  • General Surgery/Radiology                             1 hour/week


The aim of this rotation is for students to acquire the basics of interpreting radiologic studies. Students will also learn the applications and limitations of imaging studies for different medical conditions and age groups. 

At the end of the rotation, students are expected to:
  • ​Know the use of different imaging studies
  • Understand the indications, contraindications, and patient preparation for different studies
  • Understand the basics of radiologic safety and the use of IV contrast 
  • Identify common radiologic abnormalities and positive findings   


This elective is an observership since medical students are not allowed to write or release radiologic reports. Students benefit from attending daily reading sessions with residents and faculty members and participating in the discussion of images and findings. 

​The four week elective is divided into four week sections to allow maximum exposure to different units and imaging modalities:

  • Week 1: Chest X-ray Imaging
  • Week 2: Abdominal Imaging
  • Week 3: Ultrasound Imaging
  • Week 4: Interventional Radiology 

​​Rotations in other units or subspecialties may be allowed based on student interest and availability of spots. 

Student Evaluation

For AUB Students: Students are evaluated by the department faculty and residents via My Evaluations online platform based on observation of attendance and participation.


AUB students may apply to the elective by contact the medical school staff in charge of selective rotation assignment. 

Non-AUB students should contact the AUB Dean's Office and submit a Medical Student Elective Rotation Application​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​R​​​esident​ Electives 

​Physicians in training are welcome to apply for electives at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. Electives are offered in general radiology or in a particular subspecialty area based on the applicant's interest and area of training. 


​AUB residents may apply directly to the department by contacting the Program Coordinator. 

Non-AUB residents should contact the AUB Dean's Office and submit a ​Physician In-Training Elective Rotation Application.