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Residents' Research Projects

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The resident research project has been established in the program of family medicine since 1993. The goal of the activity is to introduce research skills to the residents. The project is mandatory to graduation.​​

Current Residents Projects​ (View ​Graduated ​Residents' Projects​​​​)

Resident NameAdvisorResearch Title

Vicky Kassouf (PGY4)


Jumana AntounPatients' decision after seeking a self-initiated second opinion for spinal surgery: patient perspective
Rayan Hamadeh (PGY4)Imad Bou AklReligion and End of life

Youssef Rizk (PGY4)


Jihan NaousPsychosocial assessment and identification of health risk behaviors among adolescent Syrian refugees living in an impoverished neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon
Hassan Al Khafaji (PGY4)George AssafKnowledge and attitudes of primary care practitioners towards sleep disorders in Lebanon

Sara El Baba (PGY4)


Jihan NaousCorrelation between Decreased Quality of Sleep and Increase in Negative Emotions among Medical Residents at AUBMC : A cross sectional study"

Rami Tarabay (PGY4)


Najla LakkisEffect of a Patient Educational Pamphlet on Chronic Use of Proton Pumps Inhibitors: a Randomized Clinical Trial

Rana El-Jarrah (PGY3)


Fadila NajiPerspectives of Patients on Medical Acupuncture in a Primary Care Setting in Lebanon
Amir El Sehmawy (PGY3)Maya RomaniImplementing an Opt out Approach for Smoking Cessation Using HER clinical decision support in primary care setting
Marielle El Zouki (PGY3)Jumana AntounThe use of audiotape hypnosis in promoting weight loss using the transtheoretical model of change
Mohamad-Ali Jardali (PGY3)Issam El ShaaraniA multi-center survey assessing the financial literacy of fourth year medical students in Lebanon
Mohamad Ramadan ( PGY3)Georges AssafPrescription pattern of Proton Pump inhibitors in Family Medicine Inpatient service at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

Ahmad Atieh (PGY2)


May RomaniHealth and Wellness Programs for Arab Academic Hospitals employees: a descriptive study

Maria Tanielian (PGY2)


Georges AssafPrevalence of circadian rhythmic sleep disturbances among older patients taking sleeping pills for insomnia
Michael Ibrahim (PGY2)Mira MerashaliClinical and radiological characteristics of Neurobehcet disease (NBD): A retrospective study in a tertiary care center in Lebanon

Elie Korbani (PGY2)


Jinan UstaAssessment of patient gender preference of physicians in various aspects and services provided in family medicine

Chloe Saadeh (PGY2)


Maya RomaniAre smokers being counselled about smoking cessation by physician specialists?
Ghassan Khairallah (PGY2)Nisrine MakaremThe Effect of Workplace Bullying on Fatigue in employees: the moderating roles of Gender and Spirituality

Achievments of the Residents

  • Awards:
    1. Gaith Rukbi: FRRP OPEN HOUSE 2018 Poster Award for the FRRP project: “Vitamin D deficiency and Carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized controlled study”​
    2. Noura Kaadi: FRRP OPEN HOUSE 2016 Poster Award for the project: “Medical Students’ Choice of Family Medicine as a Future Specialty Before and After a Family Medicine Rotation in Lebanon”
    3. Alexandra Ghadieh: FRRP OPEN HOUSE 2015: oral presentation second prize for the project "effect of various reminders on uptake of pneumococcal vaccine in adults".
    4. Georges Assaf: Research Day 2015 Alpha Omega Alpha Award for the best oral presentation for the project: “Prevelance of mild cognitive impairment and associated risk factors in ambulatory senior patients
  • Continued Education:
    1. Issam El Shaarani, Khairat El Habbal and Zeina El Halabi pursued the SHARP course.​

  • Publications: (* Advisor)​

    1. Alameddine, R., Seifeddine, S., Ishak, H., Antoun, J*. Improving statin prescription through the involvement of nurses in the provision of ASCVD score: a quality improvement initiative in primary care. 2020. Postgraduate Medicine. ​
    2. Khalil M, Antoun J*. Knowledge and consumption of caffeinated products by university students in Beirut, Lebanon. 2020. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN
    3. Abuaisha, M., El Masri, R., Itani, H. and Antoun, J.*, 2020.  Prevalence of Iron Deficiency (ID) without Anemia in the General Population Presenting to Primary Care Clinics: A Cross-Sectional Study. Postgraduate medicine.​
    4. Aoun, L., Lakkis, N. and Antoun, J., 2020. Prevalence and Outcomes of Web-Based Health Information Seeking for Acute Symptoms: Cross-Sectional Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(1), p.e15148.
    5. Ahmed, A.S., Halabi, Z. and Antoun, J., 2019. The effect of the waste disposal crisis on the rates of hospitalization due to acute diarrheal illness in a middle-income country: Retrospective chart review. International Journal of Infectious Diseases.
    6. Nahas, M., Hlais, S., Saberian,C., and Antoun J., 2018.  Problematic smartphone use among Lebanese adults aged 18–65 years using MPPUS-10. Computers in Human Behavior.; 87;349-353.
    7. Taleb R, Shaarani I, Lakkis N, El-Jarrah R, Osman M., 2018. Adoption of positive health behaviour among primary care physicians: a cross-sectional pilot study from Lebanon. BJGP Open.  May 15:bjgpopen18X101590.
    8. Shaarani, I., Taleb, R. and Antoun, J.*, 2017. Effect of Computer Use on Physician-Patient Communication Using a Validated Instrument: Patient Perspective. International Journal of Medical Informatics. 108; 152-157
    9. Osman H* Rihan A, Garralda E, Rhee JY, Pons JJ, de Lima L, et al. Atlas of Palliative Care in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Houston: IAHPC Press; 2017
    10. Hseiki, R.A., Osman, M.H.*, El-Jarrah, R.T., Hamadeh, G.N. and Lakkis, N.A., 2017. Knowledge, attitude and practice of Lebanese primary care physicians in nutrition counseling: a self-reported survey. Primary Health Care Research & Development, pp.1-6.
    11. Makarem, N.N. and Antoun, J.*, 2016. Email communication in a developing country: different family physician and patient perspectives. Libyan Journal of Medicine, 11(1), p.32679.
    12. Ghadieh, A.; Hamadeh, G.* Mahmasani, D.; Lakkis, N.*The effect of various types of patients’ reminders on the uptake of pneumococcal vaccine in adults: A randomized controlled trial. Vaccine. 2015. 33,43:5868-587.
    13. Naji, F., Hamadeh, G.* Hlais, S. and Adib, S., 2015. Truth disclosure to cancer patients: shifting attitudes and practices of Lebanese physicians. AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 6(3), pp.41-49.
    14. Romani, M.H., Musharrafieh, U.M.* Lakkis, N.A. and Hamadeh, G.N., 2011. Family physicians beliefs and attitudes regarding adult pneumococcal and influenza immunization in Lebanon. Family practice, 28(6), pp.632-637.
    15. Antoun, J., Hamadeh, G.N.* and Adib, S.M., 2014. What matters in the patients' decision to revisit the same primary care physician?. Lebanese Medical Journal, 62(4), pp.198-202.​

  • Conference Presentations/Posters
    1. ​​Mario Chahrouri Presented his FRRP project Wonca EMR 2018: Patient perspective about physician disclosure​

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