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    ​​​​Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship Program (GFAP)

    Graduate Fellows (GFs) are master’s students who benefit from GFAP which is a partial or full tuition waiver for courses registered towards the fulfillment of graduate master’s degree requirements. Tuition cannot be waived for remedial undergraduate courses that do not count towards the degree.
    The graduate program in Biomedical Sciences at AUB-FM offers GFs 50% tuition coverage as part of the GFAP. The maximum load is subject to a total limit of 8 hours per week during the term.The general eligibility criteria for a student to benefit from the GFAP are the following:

    1. The student must be admitted to or enrolled in a master’s degree program,
    normally as a full-time student.

    2. The student must be in good standing.

    3. The student must not be “special not working for a degree”.
    Students who benefit from the GFAP should sign a Fellowship and Assistantship Letter every term specifying duties and responsibilities, tuition coverage percentage, stipend, confidentiality and non-disclosure clause, and other relevant information, as applicable, in line with the GFAP policy. Weekly time sheets will be filled out.

    Additionally, both the student and supervisor have to fill out evaluation forms submitted to the FM Graduate Office and to the chairperson at the end of each semester. Renewals should be made in line with the terms and conditions listed in the renewal letter, and are contingent upon FM Graduate Office needs in coordination with the chairpersons of the basic sciences departments at the Faculty of Medicine, prior performance in allocated duties, satisfactory academic progress towards degree completion and/or the availability of funds.​

    Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA): a GTA is a GF who is assigned teaching duties in an academic department with a stipend covered by the department’s or faculty’s operating budget.

    ● Graduate Research Assistant (GRA): a GRA is a GF who is assigned duties in a research or
    creative work project with a stipend typically covered from a grant; a GRA stipend can also
    be covered from available faculty research funds.

    ● Graduate Administrative Assistant (GAA): a GAA is a GF who is assigned duties in an
    academic or administrative unit to contribute in various forms of administrative support in
    a capacity that relates to the student’s educational and/or professional background
    and experience, with a stipend typically covered from the unit. GAAs normally work under
    the supervision of the heads of academic or administrative units.

    The maximum load of GTA, GRA and GAA is subject to a total limit of 20 hours per week during the term. Details about GFAP modes and duties and other policies can be found through this link.​

    Need-Based Financial Aid Grants

    Graduate students may receive such grants, if eligible, to cover a portion of their tuition fees.​



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