​Faculty of Medicine

Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences

Farah Osman ChamaaSpring 2017-18Biomedical Sciences - PHD-BIOS
Moustafa Abed Al Salam Al HaririFall 2017-18Biomedical Sciences - PHD-BIOS
Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science                 ​ ​
Ola Ahmad Al-AssiFall 2017-18Pharmacology and Therapeutics - MS-PHTH
Hiam Abdullah AlAwasiSpring 2017-18Pharmacology and Therapeutics - MS-PHTH
Najat Khodor BdeirSummer 2017Microbiology & Immunology - MS-MBIM
Patricia Pierre Bou AssiFall 2017-18Physiology - MS-PHYL
Batoul Mohsen DarwishSummer 2017Neuroscience - MS-NRSC
Batoul Ali DiaSummer 2017Neuroscience - MS-NRSC
Maria Bassel DoughanSpring 2017-18Orthodontics - MS-ORTH
Fatima Issam GhamloucheFall 2017-18Biochemistry - MS-BIOC
Lina Raja HamadehSpring 2017-18Pharmacology and Therapeutics - MS-PHTH
Berthe Bassam HayarSpring 2017-18Biochemistry - MS-BIOC
Joe David El HelouSummer 2017Orthodontics - MS-ORTH
Iman Yousef KaroutSummer 2017Physiology - MS-PHYL
Mohannad N. W. KhandakjiSummer 2017Orthodontics - MS-ORTH
Manoel Joseph KhouryFall 2017-18Orthodontics - MS-ORTH
Mohammad Ali Ibrahim Al MallahSummer 2017Pharmacology and Therapeutics - MS-PHTH
Rachel Michel NjeimSpring 2017-18Pharmacology and Therapeutics - MS-PHTH
Zeina Ali RadwanSummer 2017Physiology - MS-PHYL
Richard Suheil SaoudFall 2017-18Biochemistry - MS-BIOC
Wafaa Bilal Al SoussiSummer 2017
Microbiology & Immunology - MS-MBIM
Ghina Farouk TleysSummer 2017Biochemistry - MS-BIOC

​Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Health Research

Nancy Fawzi NakhoulSpring 2017-18Scholars in HeAlth Research Program - MS-SHARP
Eman Samih SbaitySpring 2017-18Scholars in HeAlth Research Program - MS-SHARP

Faculty of Medicine and Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science  in Biomedical Engineering

Mira FayadSpring 2017-18Biomedical Engineering - MS-BMEN
Joe Tanios HkayemSpring 2017-18Biomedical Engineering - MS-BMEN