Advisory Services

​​​​At AUB Faculty of Medicine, academic advising is meant to help students connect to the institution's practices, culture and values. The Faculty of Medicine recognizes the need for mentoring and advising to help students make informed decisions. Responsibility is shared in the relationship between student and adviser. The adviser is the first resource when it comes to academic issues, programs of study and opportunities. Academic advising thus entails a variety of tasks and responsibilities, which cater to helping students, set their educational goals, achieve their maximum potential and develop into successful learners. As such, academic advising leads students to view their educational experience as meaningful, purposeful and consistent with their goals and interests. It is hoped that the academic advisers' regular contact with their students allows them to establish rapport with them as well as gain insights into their students' academic, social and personal experiences. Thus, with the advisers' dedication and competence, students will become self-reliant and able to make significant decisions about their educational experiences.​

Academic Advising Policy​ ​​