Division of Multiple Sclerosis

The vision of AUBMC is to be the leading academic medical center in Lebanon and the region by delivering excellence in patient-centered care, outstanding education, and innovative research. As such, AUBMC is committed to the opening of specialized centers of excellence aimed at providing the highest standards of comprehensive, evidence-based, and multi-disciplinary care to patients. While there have been rapid and significant advances in the field of MS, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and etiology, recent reports on the disease in the Middle East have shown a high incidence and prevalence in our region. On the 4th of October 2011, the AUBMC has launched the first MS center in lebanon and the region.

 The clinical facility at the MS Center specifically caters to the needs of patients with MS. The Center is accessible to all patients, regardless of motor ability, and equipped with specialized exam rooms.

The MS Center at AUBMC offers patients:

    • Dedicated ambulatory care management
    • Specialized ambulatory infusion facility designed specifically for the treatment of patients. The MS Center is staffed and supported by experienced personnel, including specially trained physicians who are world-renowned leaders in the field of MS, nurses, and an on-site pharmacist.
    • Counseling services: support groups, family support, etc...
    • Physical therapy services ​

The expertise and skills of the health care team at the Center allow them to:

    • Provide the best level of clinical care.
    • Counsel and assist patients throughout the social, physical, and psychological challenges of the disease.
    • Prepare and administer treatments for MS and symptom management on site.
    • Partake in continuous clinical and laboratory research activities related to MS.


Dr. Samia Khoury


​Associate D ean for Clinical & Translational Research
Director of Abu-Haidar Neuroscience In stitute (AHNI)
Director of Nehme & Therese Tohme Multiple clerosis Center
Tel.: +961-1-350000 ext.: 7420
Email: sk88@aub.edu.lb
Dr. Bassem Yamout
Director of Clinical Research
Tel.: +961-1-350000 ext.: 7440
Email: yamoutba@gmail.com , by02@aub.edu.lb 

Dr. Nabil El- Ayoubi


Neurologist, Specialty MS​​

Tel.: +961-1-350000 ext.: 7438
Email: ne42@aub.edu.lb