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Ongoing Research Projects

  • ​​​​​Abiad F, Ghazeeri G, Alami R, Safadi B, Awwad J, Khalifeh F. The Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Reproductive, Metabolic and Endocrine Profile in PCOS Women: A Prospective Cohort Study.

  • Ghazeeri G, Awwad J, Nassar A, Ghafari J, Khalifeh F. Periodontal Disease and IVF outcomes: A prospective cohort study.

  • Ghazeeri G, Khalifeh F, Tewfik I, Tinworth L, Obeid O. Public Health Nutrition Intervention to Enhance Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Modification in Lebanese Women with PCOS. 

  • El-Hajj Fuleihan G, Nassar AH, Arabi A, Chakhtoura M, Mahfoud Z, Cooper C, Harvey N, Charafeddine L, Nabulsi M, Seoud M, Mahfouz R, Zgheib N, Habib R, Chokr A, Chokr I, Chahine R, Fassih R, Zaitoun A, Al Hassan J, Tfayli N, Al Tayeh R, Diab T, Effect of Vitamin D Replacement on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Pregnant Women with Hypovitaminosis D. 

  • Sharara-Chami R, Nassar AH, Nassif J. The Use of Breast Simulators in Teaching Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) to Medical Students on Culturally Diverse Standardized Patients.

  • Ghazeeri G, El-Hajj Fuleihan G, Nassar AH, Awwad J. The Effect of Vitamin D, Atrovastatin, and Fluvastatin on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Parallel Three Arm Trial. 
  • El-Hajj Fuleihan G, Nassar AH, Mirza F. Vitamin D Status in Mothers and Their Newborns in Lebanon and its Impact on Labor and Neonatal Outcome: A Prospective Cohort Study. 

  • ​Ghulmiyyah L, Nassar A, Usta I, Mirza F, Adra A. Effect of Uterine Massage versus Sustained Uterine Compression on Blood Loss and Maternal Pain after Vaginal Delivery: A Randomized Controlled Trial. 

  • Ghazeeri G, Nassar AH, Awwad J. An e-learning Module Using the 4MAT Learning Framework to Transform Post-Graduate Medical Education.

  • Naja F, Hwalla N, Nasreddine L, Yunis K, Clinton M, Rahman S, Al Thani AA, Hassan A, Nassar A, Ghazeeri G, Chahine R. Mother and Infant  Nutrition Assessment Cohort Study: Qatar and Lebanon.

  • Hobeika E, Nassar AH, Usta I, Ghulmiyyah L, Ghazeeri G, Tamim H. Obstetrical Gel Use to Shorten Labor and Prevent Lower Genital Tract Trauma: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

  • Chamsy D, Nassar AH, Alami R, Awwad J, Ghulmiyyah L, Nassif J. Comparing Laparoscopic Baseline Skills and Skill Acquisition of Senior Gynecology and General Surgery Residents. 

  • Awwad J, Farhat R, Ghazeeri G, Nassar AH. Semen Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) Shedding in Couples Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Prevalence and Clinical Outcome.

  • Awwad J, Farra C, Ghazeeri G, Boulos F, Nassar AH. Comparative Genomic Profiling of Messenger RNAs and Micro RNAs in the Receptive Human Endomerium of Infertile Women with Unexplained Recurrent Implantation Failure Compared to Healthy Fertile Controls.

  • Nassar AH. Usta I, Awwad J, Mirza F, Ghazeeri G, Adra A, and Chahine R. Maternal Morbidity Resulting from the Timing of Elective Cesarean Delivery: A Prospective Cohort Study. 

  • Abu-Musa A, Hannoun A, Usta I, Abassi, Nassif J. Attitude Towards Sex Selection among The Lebanese Population.

  • Abu-Musa A, Abassi, Nassif J. OCP vs Dienogest in The Treatment of Pain Associated with Endometriosis: Prospective Randomized Study.

  • Nassif J, Zeeni C, Chamsy D, Khalil A, Annan S. Effect of Postoperative Trendelenburg Position on Shoulder Pain after Gynecological Laparoscopic Procedures.

  • Ghulmiyyah L, Ghuneim S, Mirza F, Ghazeeri G, Hobeika E, Usta I, Nassar A. Does Dissection of The Fascia off The Rectus Muscles Inferiorly during Cesarean Section Reduce the Time Needed to Extract the Newborn? A Randomized Trial.

  • Ghulmiyyah L, Abou-Jaoude M, Ghazeeri G, Usta I, Mirza F, Nassar A. Predicting Cesarean Delivery after Induction of Labor among Nulliparous Women at Term.

  • Ghulmiyyah L, Sassine D, Berjawi G, Ramadan H, Khoury S, Nassif J, Nassar A. Accuracy of Pelvic Ultrasound in Diagnosing Ovarian Torsion.

  • Bazi T, Wakil C, Kassem Z. A group-based yoga therapy intervention for women with overactive bladder: a pilot study in Lebanon.

  • Seoud M, Mirza F, Ghazeeri G, Sleiman S, Seoud T,  Harajly S, Fellas S, Kojok D, Jaafar I. Vitamin D Deficiency among Lebanese Pregnant Women: Prevalence and Pregnancy Outcomes: A retrospective Cohort Study.

  • Seoud M, Abdallah RJaafar I, Hamed K. The Impact of Performing Upper Abdominal Procedures on Completion of Cytoreductive Surgery, Progression Free and Overall Survival of Patients with Stage IIIC-IV Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.

  • Chamsy D, Karam K, Jaafar I, Mourad A. Uterine Metroplasty for the Management of Bicornuate and Septate Uteri: Review of Surgical Technique and a Large Case Series at a Single Institution.

  • Seoud M, Adra A, Jaafar I. Vaginal Pessary in Women with Symptomatic Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Acceptance, Satisfaction and Continuation Rates.

  • Seoud M, Abdallah R, Jaafar I. Cytoreductive and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in Lebanese Patients in a Single Institution.

  • Seoud M, Adra A, Jaafar I, Ghanem R. Awareness, Attitudes, Practices and Continuation of HPV Vaccines in Lebanon.

  • Seoud M, Mirza F, Jaafar I. Placenta Accreta: Elective versus Emergent Delivery as a Predictor of Blood Loss.

  • Chamsy D, Mirza F, Ghazeeri G, Jaafar I, Khalifeh D. Dienogest versus Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist Pre-treatment in Women with Endometriosis Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization.

  • Chamsy D, Jaafar IIntrapartum Urinary Tract Infection: Incidence and Risk Factors.

  • Chamsy D, El Taha L.Seroconversion of Toxoplasma in Pregnancy: When to Screen?

  • Chamsy D, Jaafar IUterine Hysteroscopy versus Abdominal Metroplasty for the Management of Septate Uteri: Review of Safety and Reproductive Outcomes through a Large Case Series at a Single Institution of 4 Decades Experience.

  • Chamsy D, Jaafar I, Barake C. Use of Guideline-based Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Gynecologic Surgeries at AUBMC.

  • Chamsy D, Rizk N, Jaafar I, Hamed N. Observational Study: Uterine and Cervical Changes Post Preterm Birth.

  • Chamsy D, Seoud M, Jaafar I, Kojok D. Correlation between Elevated Ca125 and Malignancy on Final Pathology in Cases of Suspected Endometriomia.

  • Abdallah R, Seoud M, Ghunaim S, Nassour F, Husheimi A. The Accuracy of Intraoperative Frozen Section in Determing the Extent of Surgical Intervention in Patients with Endometrial Cancer.

  • Ghazeeri G, Khalifeh F. Post-Traumatic Growth and Infertility: The Mediating Role of Affective Personality Type of Arab Women with Infertility in Lebanon.

  • Mirza F. Outcome of Singleton Gestations following In-vitro Fertilization: Quantifying the Effect of Ovarian Stimulation. 

  • Mirza F. Impact of Cervical Effacement and Fetal Station on Labor Progress of Lebanese Parturients: A Bi-exponential Model. 

  • Hobeika E, Mattar S, Nassar A. Factors that Might Affect Women's Selection of Their Obstetrician and Gynecologist: An Observational Study. 

  • Nassar A, Hobeika E, Awwad J, Ghazeeri G, Abu Musa A, Hannoun A. Is There a Correlation between Serum Anti-Mullerian Hormone Level and Adverse Pregnancy and Perinatal Outcomes? What Is the Cut-off Value?

  • Hobeika E, Al Ahmar ENassar A. Effects of Exercise on Pregnancy : A Cross-sectional Study. 

  • Hobeika E,  Usta I, El Kak F, Helou R, Jabak S, Nassar A. Immunization Practice in Women Health Care [A Physician Perspective].

  • Awwad J, Ghazeeri G, Mirza F, Hamdar L. Effect of Low Molecular Weight Heparin (Bemiparin) on Implantation Rate in Patients Undergoing IVF/ICSI - A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial. 

  •  Awwad J, Zaatari G, Sukhun C, Ghantous A. Association between concentrations of non-essential heavy metals and organic toxicants in the follicular fluid of infertile women and the outcome of IVF/ICSI treatment. 

  • Awwad S, Awwad J. Progression of Keratoconus during Pregnancy after In-Vitro fertilization: A Prospective cohort study. 

  • Awwad J, Ghazeeri G, Hannoun A, Nassar A,  Abu-Musa A, Moubarak E, Salame A, Hamdar L. The Use of a Novel GnRH Agonist Trigger Protocol for Final Follicle Maturation in Women Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technologies: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial. 

  • Awwad J, Mirza F. Effect of Myo-Inositol- based co-treatment on Oocyte Quality in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial. 

  • Awwad J, Ghazeeri G, Moubarak E, Nazha B, Saab M, Fares F, Al Assad M, Hammoud R. Effect of Low Molecular Weight Heparin (Enoxaparin) on Implantation Rate in Patients with RIF Undergoing IVF/ICSI - A Cohort.​


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