Services Consultancy & Sampling

​​​​​Consultancy Servcies

​​​EVL handles a wide range of routine standard analyses but it also handles unique and special services for samples that require significant development of methods and techniques. Client consultancy services for analytical testing and methodology per specific matrices is part of EVL routine services and is done by appointments.  

Problems of forensic nature are handled in strict confidentiality and can be subject to legal consultation within AUB before accepting the sample.

Free consulting services include:

  • ​Assessment of client needs, discussion of instrument capabilities and of the alternative methods of analysis per particular sample matrix and/or research needs. 
  • Collaborative work on proposals that involve analytical work such as development of time and cost estimates of the project  as well as write up of the analytical chemistry portion of the proposal. Consulting services for a fee can be arranged, if deemed necessary in specialized contracted projects.

Sampling Services


EVL  subcontracts  an internationally accredited Lead  sampler​ for  sampling sercives requested by EVL clients. Our consultant Dr Carol Sukhn is available upon appointment to discuss issues related to quality control in the design of sampling events and for collection of samples. 

A team of samplers is available to support the lead sampler  and calls on volunteers to join and acquire experience in special sampling events is extended. For this a form must be emailed to