Endotoxin update: Our next endotoxin test is due on August 20, 2019

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The endotoxin test is held once per month in our laboratory.  Please follow the schedule listed below for the year 2019. The test date can change in two cases: If the Tuesday scheduled happens to fall on a  holiday or in case of Force Majeur. 

Steps to initiate endotoxin testing for new hospitals/centers :

  • Call our laboratory on +9611350000 extension 14845 and express wishes to join testing and state the numbers of samples to be sent  on a monthly basis.  You are then kindly requested to fill in the Hospital Information Form (Icon at the bottom of this page).
  • Send for the collection of appropriate number of  pyrogen free tubes which are provided by EVL.
  • Fill in the Request Sheet​
  • On the day of sampling, place your sample in the pyrogen free tube, place it in a cooler and bring it to the  laboratory at the following address: AUB, Bliss St, Hamra, CCC-SRB Bldg, 3rd Floor, Room 303. The closest gate to us is the Hostel gate. You need to park outside and walk inside campus. On occasions, you will be given a permit to enter our campus for 15 minutes maximum. Please note that maximum holding time from sampling to EVL should not exceed 24 hours for hospitals in remote areas only (In this case sample must be refrigerated all along).
  • For the prices, we can send you by email a private quotation to use for all this year. Once you sumbit your request, you can go to the Cashier located outside AUB campus, facing the medical gate, Bou Khater Bldg, ground floor. You will be given then a credit authorization (Invoice) and an official receipt. 
  • For results, you are most welcome to call and enquire about them on the second day, but we usually call you if your values have exceeded the limit set, in this case you are given 24 hours to repeat the test if you wish and of course upon availability of open kits or else you would need to take action and wait till next month. You can take action and not wait till next month, in this case it will incurr on you additional charges. Reports can ​be picked up 5 working days after analyses.

​Hospital Information Form

​Endotoxin Test 2019 Schedule

Day of the month
Year 2019 Schedule

August 20

The test is done on  the third Tuesday of each month unless stated otherwise