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 Hematology and Special Procedures

​​Scope of Services

 The hematology section receives an average of 350 specimens a day. These are divided into the following categories: 

  • “Routine,” encompassing complete blood counts, white cell differentials, reticulocyte counting, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, peripheral blood parasites, and related tests.
  • “Body fluids analysis,” meaning cell count, morphology, and differential in cerebrospinal, pleural, peritoneal, joint fluids, and urine.
  • Bone marrow aspirate diagnosis and differential counts.
  • Special stains including cytochemical stains on bone marrow, hemosiderin on urine, and others.

Areas of special interest and strength have been blood and bone marrow morphology complemented with cytochemical stains, triaged for flow cytometry and other tests for the classification of hematological neoplasms. We have a long term interest in increasing the consultation service in the workup of anemia and neoplastic hematopathology. Residents are stimulated to actively become involved in the diagnosis of leukemia and to help in evolving new tests.


  • ​Dr. Zaher Chakhachiro​

Lab Supervisor

  • ​​Manar Kanbar


  • Batoul Atwi
  • Chadi Jurdy
  • Hulia Ziadeh
  • Kassem Beydoun
  • Mariam Ibrahim
  • Mary Kejejian
  • Mohammad Itani
  • Mufida Basrawi
  • Nabil Kassir
  • Nicole Rebeiz
  • Rawda Harb
  • Rayan Khuja
  • Samah Jurdi
  • Samer Abi Ghannam
  • Sarah Najdi
  • Sawsan Dajani-Ammash
  • Sonia Beainy
  • Zeinab ​Shahin


  • ​00961-1-350000 ext.5214

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