​Scope of Services

The cytology laboratory is geared to the study of single cells mainly in detecting malignant and premalignant conditions as well as identifying infectious agents. The laboratory maintains ongoing proficiency testing and performance improvement programs. We follow a rigorous quality control and quality assessment program using the standards of the American College of Pathologists. The laboratory staff includes several American cytology Board Certified pathologists, full-time cytoscreenrs, cytotechnologists ​and assistants. Our cytology results are consistently correlated with surgical pathology results to insure continued accurate cytology reporting. Our aim is to give accurate and timely results and serve the needs of our patients and the medical staff.


  • Dr. Nina Salem Shabb


  • Fatimah Jafar
  • Milia Kalfat 
  • Silva Slika


  • 00961-1-350000 ext.5169