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​Scope of Services

Microscopy-parasitology section is one of the clinical microbiology disciplines involved in providing a spectrum of services pertaining to laboratory diagnosis of patients with parasitic and urinary tract infections and other diseases, as well as in providing continuing education and teaching to undergraduate and graduate students and residents.

The spectrum of clinical services provided in this section covers a wide range of tests pertaining to investigating a variety of diseases including: Parasitic infection of gastrointestinal tract by detection of ova and parasites in stool; the detection of hidden blood in stool by guaiac test, the detection of fat in stool by Sudan III and detection of reducing sugars in stool and urine. Other major test done pertain to urinalysis which includes routine chemical analysis and microscopy which is important in the medical examination because it provides information concerning diseases affecting the kidneys as well as other parts of the  urinary tract, and other body sites.​

Semen analysis is another assay done, in our section, to assess the fertility status of men by investigating several parameters related to the seminal fluids.

Other tests carried out are the RBC morphology, Bence Jones protein, and the polarizing microscopy (on joint fluid) to look for crystals related to gout disease. 
Critical results are conferred immediately to the concerned physician by phone. The section applies strict quality control measures to ensure reliability and is enrolled in an external proficiency testing program for this purpose.


  • Dr. George Araj​

Lab Supervisor

  • Lina Itani


  • Amal Ghawi
  • Nada Itani
  • Nagham Malaeb
  • Raja Itani
  • Ramiz Saliba


  • ​00961-1-350000 ext.5213

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