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Serodiagnosis is one of the available means, approaches, used in the diagnosis of infectious and non-infectious diseases or conditions. Serology Section is one of the clinical Microbiology disciplines which is actively involved in helping to diagnose patients with infectious and non infectious diseases in a reliable and rapid way based on different  serodiagnostic methods.

 Several formats of serologic tests (procedures) are employed for such aim.  These include agglutination, flocculation, precipitation, neutralisation, fluorescence and enzyme linked immunosorbent assays formats for the detection of either antibody or antigen molecules,associated with the involved agent/condition.

In our laboratory, the different serologic tests used are based on commercial kits/products.  Thus, the manufacturer’s instructions are thoroughly followed and the test controls, extrapolation of results, and the limitation of the procedures are closely observed to ensure reliable testing with approprate quality documentation / verification.

In this context , the section is also enrolled in international proficiency testing program.

The spectrum of diseases /conditions investigated by different tests in this section include: Hepatitis, Rheumatic diseases, Autoimmune disease, Rickettsial diseases, Febrile illness,  Allergy, Syphilis, Pregnancy and other viruses including HIV & TORCH agents.

In addition to providing laboratory diagnoses , the section is also involved in continuing education, and training of medical technology students and residents in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Moreover ,  the section  supports personnel interested to do research.


  • ​Dr. George Araj

Lab Supervisor

  • Lina Itani


  • ​Kayane Bajakian
  • Layan Ghizzawi
  • Sarah Kobeissi


  • ​00961-1-350000 ext.5227

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