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​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Concept​​​

​Canvas is a student-led initiative by medical students at AUB that was launched in December 2018. Our initiative sheds light on the intertwining nature of art and medicine, portrays the patient as a whole individual, and makes "personalized medicine" tangible. 

We aim to promote compassion and stronger relationships, as well as encourage artistic, written and spoken expression among cancer patients and survivors, physicians, healthcare providers, artists, and the Lebanese community through our 3 main projects: Inkreadible, Fingerprints, and Limitless. Through sharing the stories and experiences of those touched by cancer, Canvas sheds light on the importance of the human experience in illness. From kids, to adults, and even the elderly, our initiative explores the interests of a wide range of age groups of cancer patients and is not restricted to any one of them. By compiling and sharing Lebanese artwork related to medicine and the patient experience and pieces completed by cancer patients, we also shed light on the beauty of medicine, and the role that art can play in understanding other individuals and in building empathy and compassion. We also hold talks by healthcare providers and medical students to discuss skills, talents, and humanistic topics that celebrate the well-rounded healthcare provider. We aim to hold art exhibitions and create book and play compilations of stories, as well as raise funds as donations for cancer treatment. 

Basically, Canvas is centered around merging the worlds of medicine, humanity, and creativity. 



One of Canvas' biggest projects is Inkreadible, which delivers the stories of patients, survivors, or loved ones anonymously, unless otherwise requested. Stories include experiences of patients, ideas and reflections, or life lessons learned, and are obtained either by written submissions from patients or by direct interviews. In order to preserve the rights and privacy of patients, stories are kept anonymous after gaining consent, unless otherwise requested. 

Amidst the whirlwind of medicine and science, we must not forget that each patient being dealt with is an individual with a story that is just as important as his or her treatment. Remembering that patients are whole individuals, just like our loved ones, emphasizes compassion and humanity in the community in healthcare providers. Cancer fighters encounter many hardships, and they often come out with such strength and empowerment, that if transmitted to current cancer patients or their families, may provide mountains of encouragement and motivation, and may help them sense that someone feels with them and understands them. Even if we haven't been directly touched by cancer, we have a lot to learn about the life lessons that survivors have learned. Reading about their stories and what they have to say may give us a chance to reflect on our own lives, what matters, and how we can change our own thinking. 

If you would like to share a story, please contact us via email.


Canvas collects two different categories of artwork and shares them with the public for recognition of creativity and expression. We collect any artistic material that has been completed by cancer patients, survivors, or their families, in addition to medically related art or that which reflects the patient experience and has been completed by any member of the community, in order to celebrate the beauty of medical art. 
Fingerprints aims to revive and celebrate the intertwining nature of art and medicine, as art was one of the means of developing medicine and transmitting knowledge of human anatomy that we know of today, through great scientists and artists including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Vesalius, and many others. Long ago, medicine merged science, religion and spirituality and resorted to analogies of the universe to explain the human body; that is the basis of most of the art portrayed by Fingerprints. We also aim to shed light on the beauty of medicine, and the role that art can play in understanding other individuals and in building empathy and compassion by sharing art concerned with the patient experience. 

All works of art compiled will be displayed in an art exhibition where all funds will be donated for cancer treatment. 

If you would like to share your artwork, please contact us via email. All levels of art are accepted, as our sole aim is to promote expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. 


The Limitless project holds lectures, talks, and workshops given by medical students, physicians, and patients, which cover everything from art and skills in medicine, to strength, motivation, and self-improvement. Attending talks given by cancer survivors or their loved ones fosters closeness and builds compassion and relationships more strongly; it gives us a chance to connect and really understand the hardships of illness. The talks also give those touched by cancer a chance to express themselves and deliver their messages and ideas in a welcoming environment. Talks given by healthcare providers and medical students aim to shed light on the well-rounded healthcare provider. Many in the healthcare profession have special talents, skills and topics they are interested beyond medicine. Sharing these topics and skills celebrates this well-rounded nature and encourages outlook among other healthcare providers.

The sessions are directed towards the entire community, be it patients, physicians, faculty members, students, or the general community. 

If you would like to give a talk, please contact us via email.


Facebook: Canvas AUBFM

Instagram: canvas.aubfm​

How Can You Get Involved?​

There are many different ways to get involved and help out with Canvas. By joining our team, you may take part in collecting stories/pieces, collecting artwork, organizing events, reaching out to contacts, transcribing stories from videos/recordings, translating, editing videos, or managing social media. We welcome those from any background.

Sign up using the following form:

After signing up, we will contact you to elaborate more on the tasks and plans. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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